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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Foreign Currency Flash card for Foreign currency Aviation 2012-03-29 jackiebrown 15 0 edit
Airlines NZ these airlines (or code share) fly from NZ Aviation 2013-03-25 jackiebrown 28 0 edit
Travel Insurance Understanding a travel insurance policy Aviation 2012-03-29 jackiebrown 35 0 edit
Domestic Air NZ Domestic Air NZ for travel agents Aviation 2012-03-29 jackiebrown 34 0 edit
travel insurance (2) Understanding the importance of taking travel insurance Aviation 2012-04-25 jackiebrown 10 0 edit
Fare Basis Explaining Fare basis for airline ticketing Aviation 2012-04-27 jackiebrown 25 0 edit
DKO ASIA SOUTH EAST ASIA Aviation 2012-06-17 jackiebrown 15 0 edit
Service fees Service fees charged in a travel agency (NZ) Aviation 2012-09-06 jackiebrown 11 0 edit
ITP conference demostration of study stack for tourism staff Aviation 2013-03-21 jackiebrown 10 0 edit
DKNOSouth East Asia online quiz for South East Asia Unfinished 2013-04-18 jackiebrown 2 0 edit
Legislation question Laws around the world Aviation 2013-05-19 jackiebrown 22 0 edit
IATA acronyms Acronyms for IATA Aviation 2013-08-03 jackiebrown 11 0 edit
Drugs and alcohol To assess students knowledge of the use of drugs and alcohol Unfinished 2013-10-03 jackiebrown 15 0 edit
Emirate Airlines How much do you know about Emitrates? Unfinished 2014-03-25 jackiebrown 13 0 edit
History tourism NZ Early settlement Unfinished 2015-01-13 jackiebrown 10 0 edit
Acronyms test Lets test your knowledge of abbreviations used Aviation 2015-03-23 jackiebrown 15 0 edit
Presentation skills This quiz will test your knowledge on the importance of presentations Marketing 2016-11-24 jackiebrown 14 0 edit

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