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The "negative temperature coefficient" of a thermistor mean that as temperature increases resistance will Decrease
using the swamping resistor of thermal stability, what type of feedback is develop to control the amplifier degenerative (for low frequency/dc voltage)
which of the following devices is used to dissipate heat into the air heat sink
what type of amplifier coupling is used that can amplify dc voltage as well as ac signals direct
in a common collector amplifier DEGENERATIVE feedback is how many degrees our of phase with the input signal 180 degress
the common base amplifier has voltage gain______than one, but a current gain_____than one greater then one, less then one
what type of wave form is produced by a sinusoidal oscillator sine wave
the basic requirements for sustaining oscillations in an oscillator are power supply,FDD,amplifier,and ______ regenerative feedback
if the positive alteration of a square wave is 100microsec(PRT INCULDES NEGATIVE ALTENATION=200microsec TOTAL)in duration then the PRF is 5Khz
what type of out put wave forms produced by an astable multivibrator square wave or rectangular
the astable multivibrator is a free running oscillator(determing by rc costant)
the monostable multivibrator output PRF is determined by the input trigger frequency
with a transistor amplifier operating in class b the collector current will flow for__of the input singal 180 degress(q-pint is at cut off)
what type of amplifier coupling is used for impedance matching and circuit isolation transformer
the interchange of energy between the inductor and capacitor in a tank circuit is called the flywheel effect
the amplifiers class operation is determined by amount of forward bias
what is the resistance of normally closed contacts when the relay is de-energized 0-ohms/short
what distinguishes a solenoid from a basic relay the plunger pulled into the coil
what part of a basic relay returns the armature to its de energized posiston the spring
how many paths of current are required for a holding relay coil two
what parts of a relay comprise the primary(control) circuits core & coil
what parts of a relay comprise the secondary(controlled) circuits armature contacts and springs
aircraft wire is normally rated at what voltage 115V
transformer are considered to be what kind of filter band pass( interwinding capacitances cuse the transformer to act as a tank circuit)
what is the flow of electrons through a conductor call current
what maintenance practice is best for F.O.D preventions tool management
most accidents are caused by what the unsafe act of individuals or improper parts & equipment installation
when should a person stop administering mouth to mouth recusitation/cpr when the person administering cpr becomes physically tire, when person becomes conscious , when medical help arrives, all of the above
what would the voltage be in the secondary winding 0Volts
which typr of diagram will tell the size of an electrical wire wiring diagram
what does the phrase "cradle to grave" refer to hazardous waste management programs
who is responsible for providing an msds with chemicals chemical manufacturer
when installing equipment what references do you use approved flight manual stc aircraft service manual
why is stainless steel safety wire used with steel bolts prevent dissimilar metal corrosion
can you use .032 safety wire in a .045 hole yes
what would be remove preflight Red streamer, covers, plugs("remover before flight"
what happens to wire resistance if the length is in creased resistance increases
what happens to wire resistance if the cross section are increases resistance decreases
wha does it mean if there is no 4th band on a resistor resistance tolerance is 20%
what is the leading cause of accidents fatigue and stress
what must be done to a torque wrench when finished reset to minimum setting
how do you move elevators move the yoke forward or backward
what does a filter in an electrical circuit consist of a capacitor and an inductor
how do you clean corrosion from aluminum emery cloth aluminum wool
an aircraft in flight is the pressure on the wing greatest on the top or the bottom bottom
how many ohms is the aircraft radio impedance 50 ohms
what do flip flops do sore bits of data (1bit per flip-flop)
how many watts is considered an RF danger 1000 watts
in a BJT emitter to base what will the resistance be? low in one direction, high in the other direction
which type of tester supplied its own power ohm meter
what would a digital multimeter read when testing a capacitor high resistance (depending on the charge)
how do capacitors behave with frequency changes infinite ohms or an open for low frequency and zero ohms or a short for high frequency
what wing has internal bracing(spars) cantilever
what must you do before giving first aid to an electrical shock victim disconnect the power/remove the victim from the live circuit
what do the transistor in a 555 timer do Act as switches
in an electronic voltage regulator EVR if voltage increases what would be the outcome load current increases(through the load & transistor instantaneously & momentarily unit Qr adjust
what happens to current in a Zener diode with an increase in voltage shunts current to ground/current flow to ground increases
in a capacitor if there is a rise in capacitance when adding a capacitor in sires(to tune an antenna) what would happen to frequency? it will increases (series Ct=1/c1+1/c2....1/cn)
what is the acronym(fire) F=forward bias I=current R=resistance E=volts
if you add a parallel leg in a circuit what changes will happen voltage remains the same, resistance decreases, current increases
what is the difference between an NPN and a PNP transistor the direction of the arrow(always points to a negative "N" element
a hazardous material container must be labeled with a water proof label containing what information substance name, trade name , manufacturer, hazards and date
what do flaps do increased lift, drag and wing area for take off and landing at lower speeds
what do trim tabs do work with flight controls to reduce the workload on the pilot(balance the forced across control surfaces)
what is kirchhoffs voltage law the sum of the voltage drop across the resistors must be equal the voltage applied
in Hysteresis loss greater at higher or lower frequency higher(hysteresis is caused by magnetic flux lines not changing polarity as quickly as the change in voltage polarity. Flux change lags voltage change)
what ohmic value of impedance are aviation transmission lines (antennas, coax) 50ohms
what principle do transformers operate on mutual inductance
if lamp A ad lamp B are connected in parallel to a 30V source, what is the voltage across lamp A and B 30V on both
if the fourth band on a resistor is missing, what is the tolerance 20%
what happens if you connect the diodes backwards in a full wave bridge rectifier polarity will be reversed
when reading the resistance of a discharge capacitor it reads a constant 40ohms what is the problem leaky capacitor
if the secondary winding of a transformer is partially shorted what will the voltage be lower than normal voltage due to lower than normal resistance " the transformer would get HOT"
if the current in the diodes of an AC rectifier is reversed what will happen polarity is reversed
what is the hand rule for magnetic induction in generators left hand
what is the combination of a horizontal stabilizer and an elevator stabilator
if your output voltage voltage is 0 when troubleshooting a circuit what would you check in put voltage with voltmeter
wire has a gauge staring at 1 and goes to 40 des the cross-section increase or decrease with a larger AWG decrease
what is the international symbol for current Capital letter "I"
if the volts across a capacitor is decreased the stored voltage will decrease
is effective voltage in an AC circuit greater or less then the maximum instantaneous voltage less than
if the capacitor value in a filter(power supply rectifier) is increased the AC ripple effect will(T=RC) decrease
the gold color ban is never used as the first number on a resistor true
if the forward bias is increased in a NPN transistor the resistance will decrease
if the forward bias is decrease in an NPN transistor the conduction will decrease
if you notice a person has a hearing injury, what should you do first remove them from the noisy area
what is the term for the outside shape of the wing camber
what converts AC to DC rectifiers
when do the two rectifier diodes let current through one lets through the positive alteration the other lets through the negative alteration
how do you prevent ESD grounding hand tools work bench and body(wrist straps)
what are some causes of ESD dry conditions(0-20 humidity rate) or poor boding
how many time constants does it take for a capacitor to be approximately 100% fully charged 5 times constants
what percent of the applied voltage will the capacitor be at one time constant 63.2%
current of 50 milliamps can cause what asphyxiation hart failure and death
what damage can be caused to the human by radar waves heat damage to internal organs without any external indications
which is the safest way to use a wrench by pushing or pulling pulling
is it ok to use single strand safety wire for electrical connections yes
when the J-K flip-flop input is triggered (toggle mode) what is the out put frequency half of the input ( flip flops are bi stable multivibrators. output=1/2 input
what rate of humidity is conducive to the creation if ESD conditions 0-20%
what is a typical EVR circuit adjustable EVR
what is the most common type of fuselage desing semi monocoque
what is 250,000 written in scientific notation 2.5*10^5
ESD is negligible provided what that all electrical structural are properly bonded or grounded
true or false a transistor that acts as an open or is in cut off means Vce=Vcc true
where is the outer shield of a coax cable grouded at at the source or input edge
in scientific notation what is a base number a number multiplied by itself that equals a number
what flight control allows the aircraft to roll aileron
what is hysteresis the magnetic field ( flux reversals) lagging the change of polarity of the input voltage
what is the most commonly used flip flop J-K flip-flop
if a step up transformer has a secondary voltage of 600V and the primary has 20V, 100 truns and 5.5 amps how many turns are needed in the secondary and how many amps are produced (Vp/VS=Np/Ns=Is-Ip=squearerootZP/ZS) 2143 turns and 257mA
what type of corrosion has a white powder type look to it pitting
what will a DMM read if a fuse is broken infinite resistance/"OL"(outside limits)
what happens to current in a Zener diode if voltage in the reverse bias directions is increased increase (it will decrease if the voltage increase is in the forward bias direction)
what type of corrosion attacks the grain boundaries of metal intergranular corrosion
what type of things must you consider when selecting wire size the current carrying capability and the acceptable voltage drop (cross-sectional area)
when testing a diode, infinite resistance is measured in both direction. what is the problem the diode is open
the basis for transformer operation in the use of alternating current is called what mutual inductance
the opposition offered by a coil to the flow of alternating current is called inductive reactance
in a AC circuit the effective voltage is less then the maximum instantaneous volatage
when different rated capacitors are connected in parallel in a circuit, the total capacitance is equal to the sum of all the capacitors(Ct=C1+C2+C3+...Cn)
when inductors are connected in series in a circuit the total inductance is equal to the sum of the individual inductors(Lt=L1+L2+L3+..Ln)
when more than two inductors of different in inductances are connected in parallel in a circuit, is less then the inductance of the lowest rated inductor (1/Lt=1/L+/L+1/L3+....1/Ln)
which is requires the most electrical power during operation two lights requiring 3 amps each in a 24 V parallel system
how many amps will a 28V generator be required to supply to a circuit containing 5 lamps in a parallel, 3 of which have a resistance of 6ohms each and 2 of which have a resistance of 5 ohms each 25.23 amps (approximately)
a 24V source is required to furnish a 48W to a parallel circuit consisting of 4 resistors of equal value what is the voltage drop across each resistor 24V
when calculating power in a reactive or inductive AC circuit, the true power is less than the apparent power
a circuit has an applied voltage of 30V and a load consisting of a 10ohm resistor in series with a 20 ohm resistor what is the voltage drop across the 10 ohm resistor 10V
which of the following are acceptable to use in cleaning anodized surfaces aluminum wool, fiber bristle, brush
how can it be determined if a transformer wining has some of its turns shorted together the transformer will get hot in normal operation
what do radar waves do to your body Burn you body under the flesh
what type of material would burn you skin caustic
if you change an aircraft radio, radio equipment, or GPS what must you do make a maintenance log entry, add to the aircraft equipment list, add to the weight and balance record, D all of the above
if you have an STC on an aircraft to change equipment do you need any further approval no
in bipolar (any) transistor, current moves from______to_____and____the arrow negative, positive,against
faradays law can be used to determine the current carrying capacity of a conductor false
what percent is Emitter current 100%
what percent is Collector current 95%
what percent is Base current 5%
what type of transistor is T1 N-channel JFET
what type of transistor is T2 P-channel JFET
what type of transistor is T3 N-channel depletion-mode MOSFET
what type of transistor is T4 P-channel depletion-mode MOSFET
what type of transistor is T5 N-channel Enhancement-mode MOSFET
what type of transistor is T6 P-channel Enhancement-mode MOSFET
describe a half adder 2input adder without a carry input
describe a full adder 2 input adder with a carry input
describe a half subtractor there is no borrow applied
describe a full subtractor there is a borrow applied to the input
what are the signs of traumatic shock pale wet skin and gasping for air
what should you do if you experience traumatic shock elevate your legs, keep lying down and keep warm
a synchronous flip-flop has a common clock input connection to all flip-flop false
what type of transducer is used when large scale movement is required potentiometers
in a photovoltaic transducer the out put voltage is directly proportional to the what area expose to the light
what is the main disadvantage of using the potentiometer transducer must use a finite torque to change the measurement
in a differential transformer what measured is changed to change the electrical out put movement of the core material
as the wire in the wire strain gauge is stretched its resistance is increased
what type of transducer changes it resistance when temperature changes thermistor
the thermocouple transducer will increase its output voltage when the heat is increased
photovoltaic device are constructed with what semi conductor material(doped)
variable inductor transducer are frequently used for pressure monitoring
what is the purpose of the transducer transducer convert energy from one form to another by sensing change in the measurand
the amount of current produced by a photoemissive transducer is ______ to the of the light striking its surface proportional/intensity
Fig 35 in the J-K flip flop where J=1 K=0 CLK=1 what does the flip flop do set
Fig 5 if the capacitance of C3 in the series-fed Hartley oscillator above is increased what happens to the frequency decreases
magnetic permeability is greatest in/through what material vacuum
when is hysteresis loss the greatest at high frequency
when working in an ESD environment what precautions should be taken wear ESD grounding (wrist)strap, wear nylon or polyester smock/suit D both (a material with 9% carbon-nylon fibers will create a faraday cage on the body)
when handling ESD sensitive devices wear a wrist strap connected to ground, use air ionizing blower, handle by ceramic/plastic case (not the leads) ALL OF THE ABOVE
technicians must be aware of RF radiation hazards associated with transmitting radar systems in addition to not transmitting inside of or in close proximity to buildings and roping off testing areas you should also know if the technician comes in contact with a scanning antenna he/she may be shocked or burned-when transmitting but not scanning the RF hazard increases if standing directly in the beam path
if standing too close to a radiating antenna, the technician body can reflect high leberls of RF negative feedback into the system circuitry and cause dame to it all of the above
the working voltage of a capacitor in an AC circuit is at least 50% greater then Vcc(Applied V)
Resistor color band black is 0
Resistor color band brown is 1
Resistor color band red is 2
Resistor color band orange is 3
Resistor color band yellow is 4
Resistor color band green is 5
Resistor color band blue is 6
Resistor color band violet is 7
Resistor color band grey is 8
Resistor color band white is 9
gold band 0.1
silver band 0.01
Bands 1 and 2 in a resistor represent number
Band 3 in a resistor represent multiplier
tolerance band color brown is +/-1%
tolerance band color red is +/-2%
tolerance band color gold is +/-5%
tolerance band color silver is +/-10%
tolerance band with no color is +/-20%
what is the purpose of a capacitor Store electrical energy
then monostable multivibrator is also know as a single shot
when reading capacitor with an ohmmeter it rapidly charges from 0 to infinite ohms what is the problem the capacitor is working properly
at what voltage does a diode conduct 0.6 volts
define ohms law E=I*R current flowing in a circuit is directly proportional to the circuit voltage and inversely proportional to the circuit resistance
what Is the root of a decimal number a number when multiplied by itself a specified number of time will produce a given number
what is the most common flip flop J-K
what determines the transistor type the N or P channel the direction the arrow points
the best preventative measure for controlling static electricity (ESD)is prevent its buildup
when handling an ESDS device at a work bench the technician and workbench must be at the same potential
static electricity is electricity at rest
when removing an ESDS circuit card from a transmitter the electronic technician must be at the same potential as the transmiter
when shipping ESDS devices they must be shipped in a _____container conductive/shorted
an astable multivibrator produces two square or rectangular output waveforms the out puts are 180 degrees out of phase
which of the following stamens describes resistant the opposition a material offers to electron flow
the four factors which determine the resistance of a material are length, diameter, temperature and type of meterial
the power rating of a resistor determines the amount of heat it can safely dissipate
as the length of a resistive material increases the resistance of the material increases
as the diameter of a resistive material increases the resistance of the material decreases
when reading capacitor whit an ohmmeter it always reads infinite ohms what is the problem the capacitor is open
when reading capacitor with an ohmmeter it always read 0 ohms what is the problem the capacitor is open
what is the resistance and tolerance of resistor value yellow-blk-wh-gold 40 G ohms +/-5%
the bistable multivibrator is also known as a flip-flop/frequency divider
what is PRF pulse repetition frequency
what is PRT pulse repetition time
what is FDD Frequency division duplexing
in a closed-loop configuration gain is controlled with what type of feedback degenerative
what mode is the referenced Op Amp operating in inverting mode
what is the common mode differential amplifiers our put when the inputs are equal in amplitude and in phase 0 volts
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