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Basic Med Coding_14

Complications of pregnancy, childerbirth, and the puerperium (630-677)

What is the name and code numbers for chapter 11 of ICD-9-CM? Complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium (630-677)
What is the 5 digit name & number for an abortion in which all the products of conception are removed? Complete abortion, 2
What is the 5 digit name & number for an abortion in which some but not all the products of conception are removed? Incomplete abortion, 1
Under the abortions category the fourth digit 7 is assigned when a specific complication is stated in the health record but cannot be classified to the previous six subcategories. In these cases how would this be coded? The abortion code would be 1st followed by a code specifying the complication.
When a complication of pregnancy is the known cause of the abortion, what fifth digit should be assigned with the pregnancy code. 3, antepartum condition or complication
How much does a baby weigh that is confirmed & coded as an early dilivery. less than 500g or less than 22 weeks.
How would you code: Spontaneous abortion resulting in liveborn fetus? 644.21, early onset of delivery, V27.0 outcome of delivery, single liveborn
How would you code: Induced abortion resulting in liveborn fetus : aspiration and curettage? 644.21, Earlly onset of delivery; V27, Outcome of delivery, single liveborn; 69.51, Aspiration curettage of uterus for termination of pregnancy.
The retention in the uterus of a fetus that has died. In contrast to a spontaneous abortion, no products of conception, fetal parts, or tissue is expelled from the uterus. 632, Missed abortion
Bleeding of intrauterine origin occurring before the 22nd completed week of gestation, without expultion of the products of conception, and without dilation of the cervix. Threatened abortion (640.0)
A recurrent spontaneous expultion of a dead fetus. Different codes are used depending on if the reoccurance is current, or if the current admission involves or does not involve a pregnancy. Recurrent pregnancy loss.
If a physician notes that the condition being treated is not affecting the pregnacy what code should be used? V22.2, Incidental pregnancy
In cases where a cesarean delivery was performed what should the principal diagnosis reflect? The reason for the cesarean delivery.
How would you code: Encounters for routine prenatal visits without the presence of any complications. Note: these codes are not to be assigned with codes from chapter 11 V22.0, Supervision of normal first pregnancy, and V22.1 supervision of other normal pregnancy.
How would you code: Encounters for high-risk pregnancies. V23, supervision of high-risk pregnancy. Additional codes form ch 11 should be assigned for the complication.
Delivery without prenatal or postartum complications. Procedure codes that may be coded following this are: artificial rupture, other manually-assisted delivery, episiotomy & injection into spinal cord. Normal delivery 650
This code should always be included on all maternal delivery records. It is never a princible diagnosis code. V27, outcome of delivery, single liveborn.
How would you code: Term pregnancy complicated by benign essential hypertention, delivered. 642.01, Benign essential hypertension complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium, single liveborn infant, V27.0
Delivery between 38 and 40 completed weeks of gestation. Term
Delivery for a pregnancy that has advanced beyond 42 completed weeks of gestation. Prolonged
This category should be coded for women who are between 40 and 42 weeks gestation. 645 late pregnancy
Delivery between 41 and 42 completed weeks of gestation. Postterm
How would you code: Term pregnancy with chronic nephropathy, delivered. 646.21; 582.9; V27, outcome of delivery, single liveborn.
How would you code: Intrauterine pregnancy, 18 weeks with chronic gonorrhea. 647.13, 098.2
What are the 4 (670) Major Puerperal Infections that are the most serious manifestations of major POSTpartum infections. Puerpeal, endometritis, puerpeal sepsis, puerpeal septic throbophlebitis.
How long does postpartum occur? 42 days after delivery
What form of sepsis should be coded when applicable with puerperal sepsis? Only severe sepsis and any associated acute organ dysfunction. Also any causual organisms should be assigned such as a bacterial infection.
What are the code words in the Tabular Alphabetic Index to procedures to find obstetrical procedures. Delivery
This code is assigned when a chemical substance (such as Pitocin) is introduced into the mother's body to simulate labor. Code 73.4 Medical induction of labor
Under Medical induction of labor what does the exlusion note "medication to augment labor-omit code" mean? To omit this code if a medication is administered to "move along" the labor process.
This code is used when the physician externally and internally manipulates the fetus. 73.2, Internal and combined version and extraction.
This code is assigned when the vulvar orifice is incised to facillitate the birthing process. 73.6 Episiotomy
How would you code:Patient admitted at 38 weeks gestation for a scheduled cesarean delivery (classical) for konwn fetal hydocephalus confirmed on ultrasound. 655.01; 74.99 & V27
How would you code: Pt addmitted at 38 weeks gestation in fetal distress; emergency cesarean delivery performed. 656.31; 74.99; V27
What is the title and codes for Chapter 15 ICD-10-CM? Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium (O00-O009A)
Created by: marrufotheresa
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