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travel insurance (2)

Understanding the importance of taking travel insurance

name at least three pre-existing conditions that you would have to declare? diabetes heart problems mental illness acute asthma COPD (lung disease)Hemophilia Epilepsy Chronic Infections a pregnancy prior to coverage an injury which occurred prior to coverage. multiple sclerosis, etc. certain allergies
If your luggage does not turn up what is the first thing your client should do? report the loss to the airline efore you leave the airline
What do the airlines usually do when your back has been misplaced? They take your details, and often give you some money for essentials (toiletries) etc, they will then contact you when it turns up (98% bags turn up) and put your bag in taxi to where you are staying
Who should buy travel insurance? Anyone and everyone who travels
What is just one consequence of a cancelled flight? Missed connection, missed family event, late back to work
I am going for a face lift in BKK, can I make a claim on my insurance for the surgery? No, it is elective surgery, however you can claim on the other things covered in insurance, such as cancellation, baggage, etc
According to research what percentage of people who are travelling overseas to visit friends and relatives do not carry insurance? 36%, even if staying with friends overseas your client could still get sick, lose luggage, have an accident.....
Before travelling, what should all clients check with their GP? vaccinations and precautionary, I always suggest a client should get dental check up before going on holiday
Why do insurance companies charge more if you have a pre-existing condition? Pre-existing conditions are usually chronic and often costly conditions
Does insurance pay out on pre-exisiting claims? As long as you declared the pre-exisiting condition when you signed up, you will pay an additional charge for coverage, unless it is really chronic and then the insurer may not cover that condition.
Created by: jackiebrown
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