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BIOL 1300 Exam 6

The vitreous and aqueous humors are found in the the eye
The primary cation in the interstitial fluid is sodium
The concentration of electrolytes in body fluids is regulated by the actions of hypothalamus, buffers, calcitonin
The most important osmoreceptors are located in the hypothalamus
The activity of the thrist center will be increased if blood osmolarity is increased
The most abundant anion in plasma membranes is phosphate
Blood calcium levels are increased by parathyroid hormone
A decrease in the rate and depth of breathing could theoretically alleviate metabolic alkalosis
Symptoms of high plasma pH may include muscle twitches
Addison disease is a disorder of the adrenal cortex
The largest volume of water is excreted by the urinary system
The term retroperitoneal means behind the peritoneum
The outer portion of the kidney is called the renal cortex
Which of the following best represents the path of a blood cell as it passes through the kidney? glomerus, afferent arteriole, pertibular capillaries, renal vein
Which of the following structures is found in the renal medulla? pertibular capillaries
The part of the nephron that drains in the nephron loop is the proximal convoluted tubule
The juxtaglomerular apparatus consists of cells in the distal convoluted tubule; afferent arteriole
An active process that moves substances from the blood into the nephron is tubular secretion
Substances are reabsorbed from the distal convoluted tubule into the peritubular capillaries
Antidiuretic hormone increases water reabsorption in the collecting duct
Micturition is an action of the urinary system
Based on your knowledge of word parts, nephrectomy is most likely the removal of the kidney
Inflammation of the renal pelvis and kidney results in pyelonephritis
The interstitial cells of the testes produce testosterone
The ligaments holding the ovary in place include the broad ligaments
The glans penis is formed by the corpus spongiosum
The coiled tube on the testes that stores spermatozoa is the epididymis
Name of a gland(s) that is found in women? greater vestibular glands
The head of the spermatozoon contains large amounts of DNA
An acrosome would be found in a spermatozoon
The uterine proliferative phase occurs during follicular phase
High levels of progesterone result in decreased levels of leutinizing hormones
Increased activity of the interstitial cells results in decreased leutinizing hormone secretion
Based on your knowledge of word parts, mastitis is inflammation of the breast
Cryptorchidism is a testes that remains in the abdomen
The normal chromosome number of the zygote is 46
The hormone produced by embryonic cells that maintains the corpus luteum is (HCG) human coriotic gonadotropin
The umbilical cord contains two arteries and one vein
An important factor in the initiation of labor is increase n maternal prostaglandins
Labor can be artificially initiated by the administration of oxytocin
Labor has officially begun when regular uterine contractions begin
Parturition is officially complete when bleeding is controlled
Pregnancy hormones that prepare the breast for lactation include prolactin, progesterone, human coriotid mammosomatotropin
Colostrum is secreted by the mammary glands
An example of a malignant tumor of placental tissue choriocarcinoma
The units of hereditary are called genes
Chromosomes contain genes, DNA, alleles
A recessive gene only alters the phenotype in homozygous individuals
An individual that is heterozygous for a completely dominant trait will show the dominant phenotype
An example of genotype is heterozygous alleles
Eye color is determined by three pairs of genes. Its mode of inheritance is best described as multi-factorial
The ability of a particular gene to determine phenotype can be altered by other genes, gender, environmental factors
What is true of multifactorial traits? they're detremined by one or more gene pair
A chemical that causes a chromosome to break is called a(n) mutagen
Duchenne muscular dystrophy results from a defect in the dystrophin gene and is detectable at birth. This disorder is best described as congenital, hereditary, genetic
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