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Nervous System Dis.

DIseases of the Nervous System

Cause of CP Cerebral damage during gestation
Is CP progressive? No
Botox is used to treat what type of neurological condition? Cerebral Palsy
Ataxis is a symptom of what neurological disease? Cerebral Palsy
What is meningitis? Inflamation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord
what are the meninges? duramater, arachnoid, piamater
if meningitis is not treated what could happen? coma or death
what causes meningitis? bacteria or virus
what causes hydrocephalus? an accumulation of CSF within the ventricles
what are the symptoms of hydrocephalus? large head, bulging eyes irritabiltiy retardation
what's worse? viral meningitis or bacterial? bacterial
what is the treatment of hydrocephalus? shunt
what is a shunt? tube that goes from the ventricles in the brain down to the stomach were the extra fluid is digested
MS is caused by? Gradual destruction of the mylen sheath
Early signs of MS? Weakness,fatigue,poor coordination,numbness
Progressive signs of MS? Tremers,muscle spasticity,paralysis,speech impairment,emotional swings,incontenence
Cure to MS? NO CURE
What are 3 symptoms of CVA Slurred speech, dysphagia, mental confusion
What does CVA stand for Cerebrovascular accident
What are the two types of CVA blockage and bleeding
What causes CVA hypertension, anuerism
what are some treatments for CVA Therapy
What causes paralysis Brain and spinal cord injury
What is paralysis of the legs and arm Quadrapeligic
Lower extremities are paralized paraplegic
What happens to the spine dring Spinal Bifida? It curves outside the body.
Is Spinal Bifida a progressive disease? No.
What can you take to prevent Spinal Bifida? Take vitamins and frolic acid.
What is Encephalitis? Inflamation of the brain.
What are three causes of Encephalitis? 1.Mosquito (virus) 2. Chemical agent 3.Bacteria
What are some s/s of Encephalitis? Headaches, fever, and stiffness in the neck.
What's the treatment for Encephalitis? Antibiotics and Fluids.
Shingles can be caused by? Stress
Shingles are inflammation of the? Nerve Cells
Redness, itching, and fever are all symptoms of what? Shingles
Acylovir is an anti-viral med used to treat? Shingles
When you have shingles, there will be a ___ following the path of the nerve cells. line
What is a generic name for seizure disorder? Epilepsy
Some causes of epilepsy are tumors, trauma, and ____? infections
One treatment for epilespy is? Anticonvulsants
A symtom of epilespy is rythmic _____ and shaking. tremors
You may start salivating if you are having a ____. seizure
Created by: Ms. Blair