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getting dem stacks of money. dem stacks of study cards, get thrown in the pile.

imply to suggest with directly stating it
Affect The way something creates a response in the reader
compare to examine the similarities and differences
Contrast to examine differences
Refer directing attention to something already mentioned
Elaborate to add information to improve understanding
Effect the result
Conclude to use the selection and what you know about the world to "read between the lines"
Justify to defend or prove a response
Predict to estimate future events based on past and present iformation
indicates points out shows
summarize to restate the main points in a breif manner
Details the specific parts of a whole
evidence something that serves to illustrate or prove
Consequence a result(usually negative)
fact a statement that can be proven true
suggest putt forth as a possibility
Signifigance somethings importance
Excerpt a peice or paragraph of a written work
Position a person's point of veiw or opinion of a topic
correlation something that shows a relationship between two things
critical points out the negative (against)
Ridicule to make fun of something
purpose goal, the reason of something.
Persuade to try to change someone's opinion on an issue
demonstrates to show clearly to prove with evidence
Emphasize draws attention to, points out
acheived(acheives) to reach or accomplish
determine to decide, or conclude
incedent an indivual event, a specific movment
influence(ed) to have an impact or effect on something
impact result or effect of something
Expresses shows, illustrates
additional extra, usually not needed
characterize to show what someone's personality is like
suggest to introduce, to bring to mind or mention
convey to communicate, to show
context the surronding events, the surronding sentences and words
sentimental emotional attachment (romantic, tear jerky)
light hearted care free, not stressed, happy, merry, jolly
sarcastic mocking, scornful says the opposite of what it means, witty.
optimistic anticipating only the best to happen, hopefull, posotive, cheerfull outlook
regretful/remoresfull to be sorry for something
Mocking immitate, mimmic, make fun of
objective expressing or dealing with facts or conditions including opinions
puzzled confused or baffled
celebratory happy about the outcome
vague not clearly expressed or defind. ambiguos
nostalgic thinking about the past and wishing they were still the way the used to. "the good old days"
sympathetic feeling sorry for something/someone
Created by: isaacwhite
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