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Clinical Final Exam

Chapter 11

What is APPROXIMATION Joining together of surgical wound edges
What is AVULSION Process of forcibly tearing off a part or structure of the body, such as a finger or a toe
What is a closed wound A wound that involves trauma to the underlying tissue without a break in the skin, mucous membrane, or underlying tissues
What is a COLPOSCOPY? The examination of vaginal and cervical tissue by means of a colposcope
What is a contraction? Process of drawing up or thickening of a muscle fiber
What is ELECTROCAUTERY? Cauterization using a variety of electrcial modialities to create thermal energ.
What is GRANULATION? Fleshy projections formed on the surface of a gaping wound that is not healing by first intention or indirect union
What is a LACERATION? A wound or irregular tear of flesh
What is POST-POPERATIVE or POST-OP Pertaining to a patient's care (AFTER) following surgery
What is PRE-OPERATIVE ? Pertaining to a patient's preparation (BEFORE) surgery
What is D&C? Dilatation and curettage
What is I&D? Incision and Drainage
What does the circulating assistant do in a dr's office? Obtains supplies for the sterile team and performs all other procedures in which sterile procedure is not required
Regardless of what type of minor surgery both ______ and ______ consent must be given by the patient. BOTH IMPLIED and INFORMED
Instruments are classified as ? Clamping,cutting,dilating,disceting,grasping,probing,suturing, and visualization.
What instruments are classified as SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS? Forceps, scissors,scapels,needle holders, and trocars.
It is CRITICAL that you never _____ over a sterile field. REACH
FORCEPS are 2 pronged instruments used for? To grab tissue
What type of forceps have hinges similar to scissors. They maybe straight or curved, may or maynot have teeth Ring or Sponge Forceps
This typeof instrument hold the needle for suturing. They hold the needle for suturing
What type of instrument has sharp points and holds towels and drapes in place? Towel Clamp
What are scissors used for ? Cutting but also Dissecting
This instrument is a hollow cannula inserted into a body cavity to withdraw fluids TROCAR
What type of preparation is critical to prevent contamination by microorganisms and lower the potential for infection during surgical procedures. PROPER SKIN PREPARATION
This type of Anesthesia induces the absence of sensation in a specific area of tissue without the loss of consciousness LOCAL ANESTHESIA
What are some ABSORBABLE suture material Surgical gut (catgut), polyglycolic and polyglactin 910
What are some NONABSORBABLE suture material. Sutures made of silk,nylon,steel, and other materials that can not be absorbed.
The size or gauge of suture material is designated by numbers ranging from 0 ______ to 11-0 to the ______. 0 to the THICKEST or 11-0 to the SMALLEST
Abrasion, avulsion, incisions, lacerations and punctures are what type of wound? OPEN WOUND
Contussions or bruises are what type of wound? Closed Wound
Drapes called _______ drapes have a slit or hole that exposes the surgical area. FENESTRATED
Sutures on the face are usually removed in ____ days? 3-5 days
What is a SWAG NEEDLE? A needle that is attached to the suture material
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