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Clinical Final Exam

Chapter 10

Accomodation The adjustment of the eye to various distances
Aural Pertaining to the ear
Conduction Heat transfer by direct contact through fluids, solids, or other substances
Convection Heat transfer by air
Diaphoresis Profuse sweating
Diastole The relaxation phase of the heart muscle; lowest reading of the blood pressure
Mallignant Hypertension Rapidly developing severe elevation of blood pressure, often fatal
Mensuration Measurement
Percussion Examination consisting of tapping the fingertips lightly but sharply against the body to assess the size and location of underlying organs
Rhythm Time interval between pulses or breaths
What is the normal oral temp range? 97.6 - 99.6
A normal oral temperature is 98.6
What is the normal rectal temp range 98.6-100.6
A normal rectal temp is? 99.6
What is the normal axillary temp range? 96.6- 98.6
A normal axillary temp is? 97.6
Vital signs establishes what? A baseline value for present and future medical assessment and treatment.
When is body temperature generally lower In the morning before activity
What does an elevated fever often indicate? Infection in the body that may or may not need antibiotic therapy
Breathing is regulated by the __________ ? Medulla Oblongata
Heat is lost through the skin by? Conduction
T/F - Temp is the measurement of body heat produced and lost during metabolism, respiration, elimination and enviromental fluctation. True
What is the FOWLER' Position? Sitting erect with the legs extended in front and the back rest at a 90* angle
What is the Semi-Fowler's position? Siiting on table with legs extended and the back rest at 45*
What is Dorsal Recumbent Lying flat on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the table.
What is the Trendlenburg? Lying flat on back with the head lower than the feet.
What is Jack Knife Lying with the abdomen on the table, the knees on the table step, and the buttocks extended.
When positioning the patient what are some factors to consider? ROM - PT COMFORT - Length of time the position must be maintatined
For a Pelvic examination, Pap Smear, what position is the patient placed in? Sitting - Supine - Dorsal Recumbent-Lithotomy Position
If a patient is experiencing SOB what position should they be placed in? Fowler's Position
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