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Eating Disorders


cx negative sel-esteem /genetics: hypothalamus malfunction/ improper Dopamine levels/ Cultural
types 1. Anorexia nervosa 2. Bulimia 3. morbid obesity
Anorexia nervosa aversion to food a desire to avoid food refuse to eat
Symptoms excessive wt loss (> 25% baseline wt) refusal to maintain a normal wt excessive exercise distorted view of body obssesive thoughts shy and introverted amenorrhea (absence of period) sleep only 2-3 h
Bulimia nervosa eat up to 8,000 cal in a hour but vomit afterwards and abuse laxatives and diuretics
what is the main difference between anorexia and bulimia? "binge eating" obsession w/ food = bulimia not eating / obsession w/ diet and exercise = anorexia
what does vomiting cx in bulic pts? trauma to back of throat/ enemal of teeth (gone)/ hoarsiness of voice / sense of loss of control
what kind of people are bulimics? impulsive/ low self-esteem
Morbid obesity > 100 lbs above the ideal wt
when are fat cell numbers stabilished? number of fat cells estabilished at birth
what other dz are associated with morbid obesity? MI, DM 2, osteoarthritis increased risk of cancer, gallblader, and HTN , edema , dehydration
tx Bariatric Surgery
meds Zanax /BuSpar/ Serax (alcohol detox)
caution for antidepressants teens r/t suicidal thoughts
What are eating disorders? disorders of body image
Eating disorder affect more ____ in the age group of _____ women 12-30
what theory states that eating disorders originate in childhood (ineffective parent emotional nurture)? psychological theory
how does the lack of nurturing by parents affect the child? he/she develop a maladaptive response to not being worthy of love. this feeling is caried out through adulthood and self detructive actions are taken to validate the "unworthy of love" theory
women who develop anorexia usually have ______ feelings towards their _____ negative feelings towards their mothers
what defense mechanism is activated during an eating disorder crises? regression
what does the Biologic theory say the cx of eating disorders are? 1. women have more fat than men (pregnancy) 2. disfunction in the hypothalamous functioning 3. disturbance in Dopamine
what is the cx of obesity according to the Behavorist theory? culture. Food is pleasure or a reminder of pleasure in sad times
Anorexia nervosa aversion of food. pt refuses to eat - as early as 8 years old
S/S of anorexia excessive exercise - excessive dieting (diet can be cut down to 200 cal/day or even less)- perfectionism - obession - sleep little - distorted body image -
Bulimia nervosa binge eating (up to 8,000 cal/day) followed by forced vomiting
S/S of bulimia excessive exercise - abuse of laxatives and diuretics - obsession w/ eating - thoughts of suicide - sensitive to body coments- eroding teeth and enemal
what monitoring is needed for bulimic pts? electrolytes
MOrbid Obesity > 100 lbs
other dz that can cx morbid obesity if not controled DM and Hypothyroidism
according to the psychoanalitic theory, what phse of development is the obese pt stuck in? the oralphase (oral gratification)
medical complications of eating disorders 1. electrolyte imbalances 2. cardiac irregularities 3. edema and dehydration 4. GI problems
what vitamine will post op bariatrics have to take for the rest of their lives? B12
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