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Liver disorders


Liver is a .... organ vital
functions of liver - produce clotting factor - release glycogen to be turned into glucose - filtration of blood (meds)
Disorder of the Liver Cirrhosis
Cirrhosis is the .... damage of the tissue
damage to the liver tissue cx enlargement, fibrosis, scarring, loss of effective hepatic function
daily max dose of acetophemonem for a day 4 g
cx for cirrhosis 1. ETOH 2. Viral Hepatitis 3. hepatoxins (meds = Tylenol) 4. infections 5. congenital 6. biliary tree obstruction 7. R sided CHF (backing up into periphery, liver, and abd organs) 8. Idiopathic
what happens to liver initially? hepatomegaly
later: becomes hard and nodular
Assessment - Hx and family hx - chemical exposuor re - use of hepatoxic meds
symptoms 1. malaise 2. anorexia 3. palpable liver (early) abd girth inc as liver enlarges 4. jaundice 5. fetor hepaticus (fruity or musty breath) 6. Asterixis (hand flapping tremors)7. bruising, erythema, bleeding abnormalities 8. gynecosmastia, testicular atrophy
symptoms of Jaundice 1. yellow skin, sclera, and m.m. 2. dark-color urine 3. chalk clay-colored stools
why do they vomit blood? r/t esophageal varices (bulging of vessels in the esophagus)
what is the intervention for heptaemesis? report = emergency maintain air way (suctioning)
Palmer erythema redness in palms of handes
ascites has to do w/ Albumin being shifted outside of the vessels and pulling fluid into peritoneal cavity causing a fluid wave
how to get fluid out of there? perioscenticis
what is a nursing action before a perioscentices? voiding (empty bladder)
what drug can be given when esophageal varices occur? vasopressin vit K coagulation factors bld transfusion
LAbs (elevated) bilirubin AST/ ALT alkaline phosphate PT amonia
what vhappens when amonia increases? neurological problems
what diet is needed if amonia is elevated? low protein
Labs (decreased) Hgb Hct electrolytes (K) albumin
what is the only organ of the body that regenerates itself? liver
what drug is used to get rid of the Amonia through defecation? Lactulose s/e: diarrhea **education: if you don't take it, amonia will increase to the point of hepatic coma
HEPATITIS inflamation of the liver
types Hesi page 121
source of infection
route of infection
Created by: luwetherrbee
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