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JB Anat & Phys

Skeletal System

periosteum is the covering of the bone that contains ________________and ___________ nerves, blood
periosteum provides nourishment for ______________ and _______________ growth and nourishment
periosteum may be __________ during surgery with attached and immobilized after surgery for healing separated, muscles
periosteum is surgically closed with __________ sutures absorbable
epiphyses ends of long bone
epiphyseal plate cartilage disk near the end of long bones which provide for growth in length until ages 15 or 16.
epiphyseal plates can sometimes slip out of place and require a fusion
Diaphysis shaft of a long bone
Cortical Bone (compact bone forms the hard shell of bone because of deposits of calcium, phosphorus and mineral salts
cancellous bone (compact bone) contains pores and red marrow that makes blood cells
articular cartilage protective layer covering articulating surfaces of the bone
medullary canal space that runs through the center of the bone and is filled with yellow marrow
4 types of bones long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones
long bones extremities - used for movement
short bones small bones in the feet and hands (small movement)
flat bones protective bones (ribs and cranium)
irregular bones variable in shapes (vertebrae)
3 types of joints synarthroses, ampiarthroses, diarthroses
synarthroses immovable joints that are fused, referred to as sutures
amphiarthroses cartilage joints that are partially moveable found in between vertebra
Diarthroses fully moveable joints lined with synovial fluid as a lubricant; held together by ligaments
Types of Diarthroses joints ball and socket (shoulder and hip), hinge joints, condyloid joint, pivot joint, gliding joint, saddle joint
ball and socket joint gives the ______________ range of motion widest
hinge joint provides ________________and ______like at the elbow and knee flexion and extension
condyloid joint has an oval shaped rounded surface that fits in an elliptical capability and provides movements in different place examples of condyloid joints are______________ metacarpals and phalanges
pivot joint: projection through a ring that provides for rotation an example would be_____________ cranium
gliding joints are flat surfaces sliding and twisting in different planes as seen in the wrists and ankles
saddle joint is a saddle shaped joint fitting into another saddle shaped joint as found in the thumb
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