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medical terminology


Root Gives the essential meaning of the term
Suffix The word meaning
Prefix Small part added to the beginning of the term
Combining Vowel Connects roots to suffixes and roots to other roots.
Combining form the combination of the root and the combining vowel.
Cardiology study of the heart
Dermatology study of the skin
Endocrinology study of endocrine glands
Gastroenterology Study of the stomach and intestines
Gynecology Study of women and women's diseases
Hematology Study of blood
Neurology Study of the nerves, brain, and spinal cord
Oncology Study of tumors (cancerous and malignant diseases.
ophthalmology Study of the eye
Pathology Study of disease
Psychology study of mind and mental disease
Rheumatology Study of joints diseases (RHEUMAT/O = flow or watery discharge, which was once thought to cause aches and pains, especially in joints)
Below-knee leg resection (amputation) Osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer)
Bone marrow biopsy Leukemia
Electrocardiogram heart attack
Cystoscopy Urinary bladder carcinoma
Nephrectomy Renal cell carcinoma
Thyroid glad resection Adenocarcinoma of an endocrine- gland in neck
Gastroscopy stomach ulcer
Electroencephalogram epilepsy
Sub Below
Trans across
Retro behind
ADEN/O (combining form) gland
ARTHR/O (combining form) joint
BI/O (combining form) Life
CARCIN/O (combining form) cancer/cancerous
CARDI/O (combining form) heart
CEPHAL/O (combining form) head
-oma (suffix) tumor or mass
-itis (suffix) inflammation
-logy (suffix) study of
-opsy (suffix) to view. Living tissue is removed and viewed under a microscope
-ic (suffix) pertaining to
-al (suffix) pertaining to
-scope (suffix) instrument to visually examine.
cyt/o (combining form) cell
derm/o (combining form) skin
dermat/o (combining form) skin
electr/o (combining form) electricity
encephal/o (combining form) brain
enter/o (combining form) intestines (often the small intestines)
erythr/o (combining form) red
gastr/o (combining form) stomach
gnos/o (combining form) knowledge
gynec/o (combining form) woman/female
hem/o (combining form) hemat/o blood
hepat/o (combining form) liver
lapar/o (combining form) abdomen (area between the chest and hip)
leuk/o (combining form) white
nephr/o (combining form) kidney
neur/o (combining form) nerve
onc/o (combining form) tumor
ophthalm/o (combining form) eye
oste/o (combining form) bone
path/o (combining form) disease
pysch/o (combining form) mind
ren/o (combining form) kidney
rhin/o (combining form) nose
sarc/0 (combining form) flesh
thromb/o (combining form) clotting
-cyte (suffix) cell
-algia (suffix) pain
-ectomy (suffix) cutting out; removal, excision
-emia (suffix) Blood condition
-globin (suffix) Protein
-gram (suffix) Record
-ia (suffix) condition
-ic (suffix) pertaining to
-ism (suffix) condition, process
-itis (suffix) inflammation
-logist (suffix) specialist in the study of
-logy (suffix) study of
-oma (suffix) tumor, mass
-opsy (suffix) to view
-osis (suffix) abnormal condition
-scope (suffix) instrument to visually examine
-scopy (suffix) process of visual examination
-sis (suffix) state of
-tomy (suffix) process of cutting/incision
-itis (suffix) inflammation
-logist (suffix) specialist in the study of
-logy (suffix) study of
-oma (suffix) tumor, mass
-opsy (suffix) to view
-osis (suffix) abnormal condition
-scope (suffix) instrument to visually examine
-scopy (suffix) process of visual examination
a-,an- (prefix) no, not
aut- (prefix) self
dia- (prefix) complete, through
dys- (prefix) bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
endo- (prefix) within
exo- (prefix) outside
hyper- (prefix) excessive, more than normal, too much
hypo- (prefix) below, less than normal, under
pro- (prefix) before, forward
re- (prefix) back
vertebra what is the plural? vertebrae
bursa what is the plural? bursae
diagnosis what is the plural? diagnoses
psychosis what is the plural? psychoses
apex what is the plural? apices
cortex what is the plural? cotices
varix what is the plural? varices
ganglion what is the plural? ganglia
bacterium what is the plural? bacteria
ovum what is the plural? ova
bronchus what is the plural? bronchi
calculus what is the plural? calculi
Cardiology study of heart
dermatology study of skin
endocrinology study of endocrine glands
gastroenterology study of stomach and small intestines
gynecology study of women and women's diseases
hematology study of blood
neurology study of nerves, brain and spinal chord
oncology study of tumors (cancerous and malignant diseases)
opthalmology study of the eye
pathology study of disease
psychology study of the mind and mental dissorders
rheumatology study of joint diseases
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