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Roots and Prefixes B

Roots and Prefixes Group B

agog leader
agon struggle
agr field
alter, al other
ambul walk, travel
andr man
ann, enn year
capit head
carcin cancer
card, cord heart
carn flesh, meat
caust, caut to burn
ambi, amphi both, around
poly many
post after
pre before
pro go forward, support
psuedo false
re to do again
retro backward
se apart, away, from
semi half, part
magn big
syn, sym together
super greater, above
trans send, move
caval horse
cent one hundred
cern, cert perceive, make certain
chrom color
chron time
cit to summon, to impel
civ citizen
sanct holy
scope look
sex six
rad ray
tract to drag, to draw
matri mother
patri father
un not
uni singular, one
ultra beyond, extreme
macro big
sub below, under
micro small
milli thousand
meta beyond, change
pan, panto all
tri three
schizo to split
tele from afar
osteo bone
epi on, outside
quad four
Created by: CKErskin


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