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Social Studies ILEAP


Which activity is used to search for oil in Louisiana? Drilling holes in the surface of the earth
Why did New Orleans become an important center of trade? It is located where a large river meets the sea
Why do people who live along the coast of Louisiana most likely build their homes high above the ground? To protect them from floods
Which man-made structures help protect New Orleans from floods? levees
Which natural resource of Louisiana belongs in the center of the idea web with fishing, shrimping, sailing? Ocean
In Louisiana, which state official is in charge of making sure state laws are obeyed? Attorney General
Which of these best completes this-role of state government-collect taxes, provide resources to school, and 1 more thing? Provide drivers licenses
**Which of these statements is an example of a law? **Do not eat spaghetti with your hands. Be careful when using scissors. Do not cross the street when the light is red. Share your toys with other people.
**arcus is at the grocery store trying to decide which bag of cookies to buy. Which factor would be the least useful in helping him decide? **The color of each bag. The price of each bag. The number of cookies in each bag. The flavor of the cookies in each bag.
To get grades in spelling you probably have to spend less time? spend less time playing.
who is the producer and consumer of gasoline? oil company is the producer and drivers are the consumers.
Why was the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 an important event in Louisiana’s history? It made Louisiana a part of the United States.
**French-speaking Catholics were forced to leave Canada in 1755. Many of them settled in Louisiana and become known as **Pilgrims. Acadians. French Americans. African Americans.
Which natural resource is most important in building a house? tree
Jane’s brother is taking advanced college classes about the ways students learn. He is most likely planning to become a teacher
Each year, Louisiana produces more goods than the people in Louisiana can use. How does this help the people of Louisiana? Extra goods are sold to other states or countries.
**Which of these people has the greatest effect on the economy of Louisiana? **A student A waitress A bus driver A hotel owner
**Ms. Johnson’s class is having a bake sale, and very few people are buying the cupcakes. Which is the best way to sell more cupcakes? **Raise the price Lower the price Make more cupcakes Eat the extra cupcake
Joe sells pizza for $2 per slice. What will most likely happen if Joe lowers the price to $1.50. More people will buy pizza
**One role of state government is to make sure the citizens of Louisiana **have a television set. have three meals a day. have a six-week vacation. have safe roads to drive on.
**Which products most likely belong in the missing section of the graph-major parts of the Louisiana economy-tourism, sugar, rice, cotton, oil, gas, minerals? **-oranges and bananas -computers and printers -clothing and shoes -fish, shrimp, and other seafood
**In writing a book about the history of Louisiana, a historian may use both primary and secondary sources. Which source is secondary? **An encyclopedia An original letter An interview with an eyewitness An original drawing
**Many American Indians lived in Louisiana during the 15th century. Which activity has least changed from how they lived then and the way we live now? **Drilling for oil Living in big cities Eating fish and other seafood Reading and writing in English
**New Orleans was first built by French as a **trading post prison colony tourist attraction manufacturing center
New Orleans is best known as the birthplace of which type of music? Jazz
decade- 10 years
century-- 100 years
material found in nature that people can use natural resource
smaller than a city town
rural in the country, where towns are small and far apart
urban the city
3 branches of government executive, legislative, judicial
has the power of passing or not passing laws-President, Governor executive branch
House of Representatives and Senate-make laws legislative branch
decides if laws have been broken judicial branch
State Capital Baton Rouge
Who first celebrated Mardi Gras? French
Who gave Louisiana its name? Robert La Salle
What is the main cause of erosion along Louisiana’s coast? Water from the Gulf of Mexico is washing away the soil
How does a government meet people’s needs It provides a service
Which branch opened public schools to all students? judicial
What type of government runs your parish? local
first woman from Louisiana elected to the House of Representatives Lindy Boggs
**What country do we live in? What continent do we live on? What state do we live in? What town is our school in? North America United States Mandeville Louisiana
Who led the first group of Europeans to what is now Louisiana and what were they looking for? Henry De Soto gold
What did the first people in Louisiana do ? moved in search of food
What body of water does the Mississippi River flow into Gulf of Mexico
What influence did the French Acadians have on life in Louisiana today? Cajun cooking
first woman from Louisiana elected to the House of Representatives LIndy Boggs
Created by: sbarney2
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