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MOPS Scheduling

MOPS Scheduling Unit Test

What is the most important information to have when scheduling appointments? Physicians availability
List the information you should obtain from the patient when scheduling an appointment Name, Phone number, insurance information, reason for visit
Name three systems for office appointments and briefly explain each 1. Scheduled Appointments- Most effective 2. Flexible hours- different hours/ Different days 3. Open scheduling- no appointment/ walk in
List three ways to remind patients about a scheduled appointment 1. call day before 2.appointment card card
Explain why an appointment book should leave some open time slots available Emergencies and new patients
List three factors taken into consideration when scheduling appointments 1. Doctors preference 2. Availability of equipment 3. Patients Needs
Describe what to look for when selecting and appointment book Needs to open flat, be proper size for office desk, needs to have room for all patient information
Explain "establishing the matrix" Advanced preparation,blocking out times the Doctor is available
Describe "buffer time" Doctors preference- their break- usually 10 to 15 min
Explain group/cluster scheduling Groups same types of appointments on certain days.
Name two things that would be helpful to a patient who needs to schedule a series of appointments Schedule appointments on same day and same time. Give them an appointment card
What is the main purpose of appointment scheduling To make the best use of effective time management
List two things that effective time management accomplishes 1. Best use of the staffs time 2. Allows for emergencies
What is the most important thing to remember when keeping an appointment book Its a legal document
What is the best way to schedule appointments for a patient who is habitually late for their appointment Give them the last appointment of the day. Call them to remind them
Give two reasons why the use of appointment cards avoid misunderstandings 1. Save on time consuming phone calls. 2. Prevent errors
Who will ultimately determine whether a patients symptoms constitute an emergency The Doctor
Define "Triage" Prioritizing patients based on their medical needs
Define double booking When you put two patients in at the same time
Define wave scheduling When three patients are scheduled for the same hour then seen in order of arrival
Define modified wave scheduling When two patients are scheduled on the hour and one on the half hour
Define open scheduling No appointment- Seen on order of arrival
Define flexible hours scheduling Different hours on different days
How long are new patient appointments One Hour
How long are appointments for injections and suture removals? 15 minutes
How long are all other appointments? 30 minutes
Created by: lecopple1
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