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Recipe Terms

baste To keep food moist during cooking by spooning or pouring melted fat meat drippings, fruit juice, or sauce over it.
beat to make a mixture smooth by adding air using a brisk stirring or whipping motion with a spoon or an electric mixer.
blend To combine two or more ingredients until smooth and of uniform consistency.
bread To dip food into a mixture, such as beaten eggs and milk, and then roll it in crumbs.
chop To cut into pieces with a knife, scissors, or food chopper.
cream To stir or beat solid fat, such as shortening or butter, with sugar until the mixture is soft, smooth, and creamy.
cut in To mix dry ingredients into shortening by using a pastry blender, two knives, or a fork.
dice To cut into small even pieces, smaller than 1/2 inch.
dredge To dip into or sprinkle flour.
fold To combine ingredients into a light, airy mixture using a down, across, up, and over motion with a rubber spoon.
knead To use a fold-push-turn motion when working with doughs.
marinate To let a food, such as meat, stand in liquid to increase flavor and/or tenderness of the food.
mash To crush food until it has a smooth texture.
mix to combine ingredients until evenly distributed or blended
reconstitute to restore food to their normal state by adding water.
scald To heat mild just below the boiling point.
sear to brown the surface of meat quickly with intense heat.
sift to pass dry ingredients through a mesh or screen to add air or to combine dry ingredients.
slice To cut or divide into flat pieces.
stir To mix foods with a circular motion.
whip To beat rapidly to incorporate air and to increase volume.
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