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CPT Coding Homework

2012 Step-by-Step Medical Coding

What appendix in the CPT Code Manual are all Modifiers listed? Appendix A
Which coding system(s) is (are) used for claims submitted by physicians? HCPCS and ICD-9-CM
Which coding system describes the reason for the patient visit or encounter? ICD-9-CM
Identify the CPT section in which the code 21310 is located. Surgery
Identify the CPT section in which the code 99602 is located. Medicine
Identify the CPT section in which the code 81000 is located. Pathology and laboratory
Identify the CPT section in which the code 0503F is located. Category II
Identify the CPT section in which the code 99232 is located. Evaluation and management
Identify the CPT section in which the code 97001 is located. Medicine
Identify the CPT section in which the code 70486 is located. Radiology
Which symbol indicates that a procedure code is new in CPT? Bullet
Which category of CPT codes is reserved for emerging technology? Category III
What symbol is placed in front of a CPT code to indicate it is an add on code? A plus sign +
What code set is considered HCPCS Level I CPT codes
What modifier is used for anesthesia by the surgeon? 47
What letter of the HCPCS Level II codes set represents Durable Medical Equipment? E
Where in the CPT Manual can you find a list of Modifier 51 exempt codes? Appendix E
Where in the CPT Manual can you find clinical examples for reference to coding E & M services? Appendix C
What is the percentage of the global work that CMS recognizes for a surgeon that performs only the intraoperative services? 70%
What are the three components of RVU’s? Work, overhead, malpractice
What are the three things that HIPAA implemented? Privacy, security and portability
What part of Medicare is a supplemental for professional services and outpatient services? Part B
What is an example of a form of healthcare fraud? Routine waiver of a copayment
What is an ERA? Electronic Remittance Advice
What services is included in conscious sedation? Assessment of the patient
Per CPT guidelines, a concise statement describing the symptom, problem, condition, diagnosis, or other factor that is the reason for the encounter, usually stated in the patient's words, is the definition of the: Chief complaint
___________ is described as an inventory of body systems obtained through a series of questions seeking to identify signs and symptoms that the patient may be experiencing or has experienced. Review of Systems (ROS)
According to the CPT Manual what is a true about what should be contained in a surgery special report? Nature and extent of the procedure
What is not included in the surgical package? E & M visit following surgery unrelated to surgery
What is the global period for minor procedures? 10
How are the subsections in the surgery section of the CPT Manual? Medical specialty or Body system
The definition of Debridement is: Removal of infected or damaged tissue from a wound
How are the sections of the Surgery section divided? body system
If a provider performs excision of multiple lesions, you would document the most complex lesion first and the subsequent lesions by using which modifier? 51
Which term best describes the type of traction a physician performs using strapping, elastic wraps or tape? Skin
What is the type of bone graft taken from the lower thigh area? fascia lata
One of the following is not considered an example of a fracture treatment: replantation
One of the terms below describes the chronic abscessing and subsequent infection of a sweat gland: hidradenitis
A surgical sinus endoscopy includes a sinusotomy (when appropriate) and a ___________. diagnostic endoscopy
A chest tube may be used as an indwelling method of ___________the accumulated fluid in the pleural space. draining
The definition of Laryngotomy is the following: incision made over the larynx
The definition of Tracheoplasty is the following: repair of a damaged trachea
If the control of a nasal hemorrhage was performed bilaterally what CPT modifier would be used? -50
Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree? vascular families
What are the three sections of the CPT manual that you use to code many cardiovascular services? Surgery, Radiology, Medicine
What does the abbreviation EP mean as it relates to cardiovascular services? electrophysiology
Arrhythmia ablation is a treatment for: bradycardia/tachycardia
The major division of the cardiovascular subsection is whether a procedure involved a ____ vessel. coronary or noncoronary
Pacemaker insertion codes are divided based on the surgical: approach
The device that can be inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm. cardioverter-defibrillator
The number of postoperative days usually assigned for the global period following implantation of a pacemaker is: 90
The definition of transplantation is: grafting tissue from one source to another
The diaphragm is a wall of muscle that separates the ____________ and the abdominal cavities. thoracic
The definition of lymphadenitis is: inflammation of the lymph nodes
The definition of Splenectomy is: Excision of the spleen
The definition of Fundoplasty is: Repair of the bottom of an organ or muscle
The mucosal and __________ tissue of the lips and cheeks are included in the oral cavity. submucosal
The CPT code 44701 can be found in which Appendix of the CPT Manual. Appendix D
With the exception of _________ and ___________ hernias, the use of mesh or other prosthesis is not separately reported when performing hernia repairs. incisional and ventral
What is a common abbreviation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. ERCP
Endoscopic procedures within the Urinary subsection, Kidney subheading, are often divided based on this unique factor: existence of a stoma
Urethral dilatation codes are often divided based on this factor: initial or subsequent
The Urinary System subsection is first arranged ___________ anatomically
One of the most common conditions of the prostate is _____________. BPH
The removal of a kidney is defined by which term: Nephrectomy
For medical complications of pregnancy the physician would report his additional professional services using codes from what section or subsection? E/M
Antepartum care includes: initial and subsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressures, fetal heart tones, and routine UA
According to the text, vulvectomy codes are divided based on the ____ and extent of vulvar area removed during the procedure. size
This term describes an incision of the vagina to gain access to the pelvic cavity to explore or to drain an abscess: colpotomy
A Colpotomy is an incision into the ______________ vagina
There are ____ glands in the endocrine system of the body. 9
The peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous structures outside of the: central nervous system
What procedure is often performed with a laminectomy? arthrodesis
Neuroplasty is the: decompression of intact nerves
When reporting a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure, it is common to also code ____ procedures. grafting
Cataract and lens replacement uses ____ different approaches. 3
Strabismus surgery: corrects the muscle misalignment
The transparent part of the eye is the ____________________. cornea
The modifier reported when a physician component is reported separately is: -26
A ____ procedure is one that is performed independently of, and not immediately related to, another service. separate
What is the standard measure of energy in radiation treatment? MeV
What is the modifier used to identify the technical component of a radiologic procedure? -TC
Identify the correct term for the following definition: Away from the midline of the body (to the side) lateral
Identify the correct term for the following definition: Away from the head or the lower part of the body; also known as caudad or caudal inferior
Created by: kathrynvanpelt
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