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CPT Coding Quizzes

2012 Step-by-Step Medical Coding

What is the organization that is responsible for administering the Medicare program? CMS
What does the October edition of the Federal Register publish for providers? Hospital Updates
The CMS publishes fraud and abuse guidelines that providers should follow when coding/billing for their services. As a coder, can you identify which would not be considered an act of fraud in the list below? Routinely coding from the medical record
As a coder, it is important to know that you must be truthful and accurate when coding services that are being billed to Medicare. What would you do if you are unsure of the charge? Query the physician or a supervisor for more information.
Codes ranging from 10021-69990 are found in which category of the CPT manual? Category I
Codes ranging from 70010-79999 are found in which category of the CPT Manual? Category I
Listing only a portion of the narrative description that follows the semicolon is done to: conserve space.
Procedures that are experimental, newly approved, or seldom used are reported with what type of code? Unlisted
What section of CPT is code 95833 found? Medicine
A complete list of modifiers is found __________. in Appendix A on the front cover of CPT
In reviewing Appendix A in the CPT manual, which modifier would be appropriate to append in order to define a bilateral reduction mammaplasty 19318? 50
Which section is code 01630 found in? Anesthesia
Which section is code 99050 found in? Medicine
Modifiers are used to indicate what type of information? Bilateral procedure Multiple procedure Service greater than usually required
Modifier-79, unrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period, is used on what type of service? Surgery
Modifier-80, assistant surgeon, is used when: a second surgeon provides assistance to the primary surgeon.
The examination is the ____ portion of the E/M service. objective
Modifier-52, reduced services, is used to indicate: a service was reduced without changing the definition of the code.
If anesthesia was provided to a patient who is not expected to survive without the surgical procedure being performed, which physical status modifier would be appended to the anesthesia code? P5
Bruising would be an element of review of which organ system? Hematologic
Medical decision making (MDM) is based on the ____ the physician must consider about the management of a patient’s condition. number of diagnoses risk of morbidity amount of data
Critical care codes are reported based on: time
The Hospital Inpatient Services subsection is used for patients admitted to: an acute care facility
Which codes begin with the number 99 and are used to indicate anesthesia services provided during situations that make the administration of the anesthesia more difficult? Qualifying circumstances
Concurrent modifiers are used to describe: number of cases an anesthesiologist is directing or supervising at one time.
Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as: local infiltration. metacarpal/digital block. topical anesthesia.
The global surgery period includes: all routine preoperative and postoperative care.
When the words “separate procedure” appear after the descriptor of a code, you know which of the following about that code? The procedure was a minor procedure that would only be reported if it was the only service provided.
The removal of a lesion by transverse incision that did not require sutured closure is reported using codes from which subsection? Shaving of Epidermal or Dermal Lesions
Using the Rule of Nines, adult legs are what percentage of the human body? 18%
Which term describes a reduction? Manipulation
Which of the following terms describes traction by use of strapping, elastic wraps, or tape? Skin
What is the difference between the code for a soft tissue abscess in the musculoskeletal system subsection and the codes for abscess in the integumentary system subsection? The code in the musculoskeletal system subsection is associated with deep tissue possibly to the bone.
A diagnostic endoscopic procedure is reported only when: no surgical procedure is performed during the same operative session.
The procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx and the physician can look at the larynx is what type of laryngoscopy? Direct
What type of cardiology is a diagnostic specialty that uses radioactive elements to aid in the diagnosis of cardiology conditions? Nuclear
In which type of catheter placement is the catheter moved, manipulated, or guided into a part of the arterial system other than the vessel punctured? Selective
If the clinic physician performs the catheterization procedure at the hospital, which modifier would you append to the catheterization code? -26
The pulse generator of a pacemaker is also referred to as: the battery.
What is it called when the diaphragm is out of normal position and has moved up farther into the thoracic cavity? Eventration
A gastrostomy tube is placed inside the stomach for: feeding purposes.
The procedure used to develop an artificial opening through the abdominal wall is: exteriorization.
When urodynamics are performed and the physician only interprets the results, the correct modifier would be: -26
The type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing the radioactive elements directly into the prostate is called: brachytherapy.
Within the Male Genital System, the greatest numbers of codes fall under what category? Penis
When coding a total abdominal hysterectomy with an anterior/posterior colporrhaphy, the correct modifier to add to the second procedure would be: -51
Incision and drainage of these glands are not reported using Female Genital System codes, but are instead reported using Surgery section, Urinary System codes: Skene’s.
In which of the following categories would you locate a code for the removal of an IUD? Introduction
Created by: kathrynvanpelt
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