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army study guide

What AR covers ASAP? AR 600-85
What are the ways that soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem? voluntary, commander, biochemical, medical and investigation/apprehension
How can a commander direct a UA? unit inspection, search/seizure, competence for duty, rehab, mishap/safety, consent, new entrant, medical
Can a SM in ASAP reenlist? No
Can you be flagged by command referral to ASAP? Yes, IAW AR 600-8-2
What does the ACS symbol represent? heart-giving, cross-help, gyroscope-stability
What AR covers ACS? AR 608-1
What is the motto of ACS? Self-help, service and stability
What AR covers Army Continuing Education System? AR 621-5
What AR covers Army Learning Centers? AR 621-6
What are the goals of ACES? develop confident ldrs, support enlistment retention and transition, self-dev
what does TABE stand for? test of adult basic education
Name some Federal aid programs available to Soldiers through ACES? pell grant, perkins loan, student loan
What are some programs offered be ACES? BSEP, ASEP, HS completion, SOCAD, VEAP, skills recognition programs, head start, gateway, DANTES, education counseling, learning resource centers
What soldier development programs does ACES provide? FAST, HS completion, ESL, head start, gateway, MOSIT
What does DANTES stand for? Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
What does DANTES do? provides standerdized testing for soldiers and dependents, dependents must pay for testing
Soldiers who began their active duty sdervice after what date are eligible for the new GI bill? July 1985, but must pay $100/month for 12 months
What does SOC stand for? Service members opportunity colleges
What does SOCAD stand for? service members opportunity colleges army degrees
AER closely coordinates with what agency? Red Cross
What AR regulates AER? AR 930-4
When is the AER annual campaign held? 01 Mar through 15 May
What is the purpose of AER? To provide financial help to active/retired soldiers in a time of distress
What is the dollar limit on a AER loan? There is no limit
What happens if a soldier fails to repay an AER loan? SM name would be placed on an AER restricted list. Any further AER would have to be approved by AER HQ
What is the motto of AER? helping the army take care of its own
The minimum amount that can be contributed to AER through allotment? 1 dollar each month for 3 months
The armys policy on sexual assulat and prevention program applies where and when? on and off post, on and off duty hours, to living working and recreational enviroments
define sexual assault sexual assault is a crime definedc= as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim cannot consent
sexual assault includes what acts? rape, nonconsensual sodomy, attempt to commit these acts
More than half of sexual assault offenses involve what? alcohol
prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility? commander
If someone has been sexually assaulted who can they contact? chain of command, MTF, MP/CID, chaplains, social work services, family advocacy, legal
What are the categories of sexual harassment? verbal, non-verbal, physical
What is an EOR? equal opportunity representative
What rank should an EOR be? SGT(P)-1LT
What AR covers EO? AR 600-20
What are three policies each CO is required to publish and post on EO? written command policy, prevention of sexual harassment, EO complaint procedures
Soldiers are required to have EO training how often? Once per quarter
Ethnic group? A segment of the population that possesses common characteristics and a cultural heritage based to some degree on: faith,shared traditions,values,symbols, literature,folk, music, internal sense of distinctiveness, external perception of distinctiveness
Define racism? any attitude or action of a person or institutional structure that subordinates a person or group because of skin color or race
Describe a minority group? any group distinguished from the general population in terms of race, religion, color, gender or national origin
Who is the primary source for solving EO complaints? your unit chain of command
AFAP? army family action plan
What AR covers AFAP? AR 608-47
When was AFAP founded? 1983
What are the three elements of the AFAP philosophy? partnership, wellness, sense of community
What are the major services that the Red Cross offers? communication btwn soldiers and families for problem solving and emergencies
What AR directs the Red Cross AR 930-5
What regulation covers the Army retention program? AR 601-280
What are some reasons a soldier may be denied reenlistment? flag, asap
What is an SRB selective reenlistment bonus
What is the minimum number of years a soldier must reenlist for an SRB? 3 years
Can a soldier request separation if a bar is initiated? No
Describe a bar to reenlistment? administrative action initiated by the CO to prevent a substandard soldier from reenlisting or reentering the service
A bar is reviewed how often? every three months or 30 days prior to ets
who can initiate a bar? any commander in the soldiers chain of command
who is the final authority for a bar to reenlistment? a commander who is one level higher than the commanding authority
Who may lift a bar? the same authority that initiated the bar with a written memo by the unit commander
Who is responsible for the army safety program? every soldier
The word safety is often associated with what term? risk management
What accounts for the majority of accidents? carelessness
Accidents are reported in accordance with what regulation? AR 385-40
What AR covers safety? AR 385-10
Should there be a sponsorship program available for a soldier from a departing unit? yes
What AR covers the sponsorship program? AR 600-8-8
What is S-Gate? USAEUR, pinpoint orders, sponsor etc.
What DA form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining units? DA form 5434
How soon after a DA form 5434 should a sponsor be assigned? 10 days unless sponsorship is declined
What are six elements of the sponsorship program? da form 5434, welcome letter, ACS relocation readiness services, reception, orientation, inprocessing
QOLP quality of life program
What are the two main things that the QOLP addresses? living conditions, duty enviroment
Who is the senior enlisted advisor to the installation BOSS program? installation CSM
According to AR 215-1 does BOSS provide? It provides opportunity for active duty soldiers, with an emphasis on single and unaccompanied soldiers to participate in physical, self-development, leisure and educational related services
What type of program is BOSS? catagory B MWR program
How many officers are there on a BOSS council? three, president, VP, secretary/treasurer
What is the lowest level of BOSS? battery/company
What are the three pillars of BOSS? recreation and leisure, community service, well being
What is CHAMPUS? civilian health and medical program for the uniformed servives
What does DEERS stand for? defense enrollment eligibility reporting system
What is DEERS used for? to obtain eligible dependent ID cards
What does NCODP stand for? Noncommissioned officer development program
What is the goal of NCODP? To increase and sustain NCO combat readiness and compliment the overarching Army NCO Professional Development program
As with all leader training who is responsible for NCODP? the command
NCODP is typically managed by whom? CSM or senior NCO in the organization
What AR covers NCODP? AR 350-1
What is the purpose of AR 350-1? Prescribes policies/procedures and responsibilities for developing, managing and conducting army training and leader development
What is meant by overweight? A soldier is considered overweight when his body fat percent exceeds that as outlined by AR 600-9
What are the primary objectives of the AWCP? soldier able to meet physical demands and present a military appearance
If one is in the AWCP they cannot? be promotable, not be assigned to CSM or 1SG positions, cannot attend NCOES schools
What is the determination of body fat to be made on personnel? They exceed weight standards or when unit commander or supervisor determines that an individuals appearance suggests an excessive body fat
Tape measures used for taping should be made of what? nonstrecthable material, preferably fiberglass
How often should you be weighed in the AWCP? Once monthly to insure progress
What is the requires weight loss per month while in the AWCP? 3-8 lbs./month
What AR covers the AWCP? AR 600-9
Screening table weights are measured to the nearest? 1 inch or 1 pound
How often should a soldier be weighed? Every APFT or at least every six months
Define tape test? Method of determining the percent of body fat of a soldier
What circumference sites are used for the tape test? Male-neck and abdomen Female-neck, waist and hips
How many times is each tape test measurement made and recorded? Three
How many people should be used in the taping of a soldier? Two
If a soldier cannot be weighed immediately following an APFT, when can they be weighed? within 30 days of the APFT
What are the DOD more stringent body fat goals? male-18% female-26%
What FM covers physical fitness training? FM 21-20
What are the three phases of physical conditioning? preparatory, conditioning and maintenance
About how long is the preparatory phase? 2 weeks
About how long is the conditioning phase? It ends when a soldier is physically mission capable and all personal, strength related and unit fitness goals have been met.
What does FITT stand for? frequency, intensity, time and type.
What is a DA form 3349? physical profile form
What is the objective of physical fitness training? To enhance soldiers abilities to meet the demands of war.
What are the three phases of normal daily exercise routine? warm-up, conditioning and cool down
What AR covers the physical fitness program? AR 350-1
What are the seven basic principles of exercise? progression, regularity, overload, variety, recovery, balance, specificity
What are the three phases of conditioning? preparatory, conditioning and maintenance
What are the five components of physical fitness? cardio respiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition
How many scorers should be supplied for an APFT? 1:15
What is a DA form 705? APFT scorecard
The essential; elements of fitness tasks can be catagorized into what four groups? collective, individual, leader, resources required for training
The two types of physical fitness formations? extended rectangular and circular
What FM covers the M16 rifle? FM 3-22-9
Name the five phases in basic rifle marksmenship? preliminary, downrange feedback, field fire, ARM, advanced optics, laser and iron shits
What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship? steady position, sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze
What are the two basic elements of the sight picture? sight alignment, placing the point of aim
What does SPORTS stand for? slap, pull, observe, release, tap and shoot
What is a remedial action? The continuing effort to determine the cause for a stoppage or malfunction and try and clear the stoppage once it is identified
Describe the procedure for immediate action on a M16? try and place the weapon on safe, remove the mag, lock the bolt to the rear, place the weapon on safe
Is SPORTS a remedial action? NO, immediate.
What is an immediate action? Immediate action involves quickly applying a possible correction to reduce a stoppage w/o performing troubleshooting procedures
How many times should immediate action be applied to a weapon? once
What is a weapon malfunction? The weapon ceasing to fire due to a stoppage resulting from a mechanical failure of weapon, ammo or mag
Name the different catagories of failure for an M16 failure to feed, chamber or lock; failure to fire, failure to extract, failure to eject
What is a stoppage? A failure of an auto or semi firearm to complete the cycle of operation.
How do you clear a stoppage? Apply immediate or remedial action
What is the definition of maximum effective range? the greatest distance at which a soldier may be expected to deliver a target hit
What does CLP stand for? cleaner, lubricant and preservative
Describe the M16 rifle? A 5.56mm, magazine feed, gas operated, air cooled semi, three round burst handheld shoulder fired weapon
What are the seven types of ammunition for the M16? ball,trace,dummy,blank, ball(green tip), tracer(red tip), short range training training ammunition
Describe the weights of the M16? w/o mag- 7.78lbs w/ 20 rd mag- 8.48lbs w/ 30 rd mag- 8.79lbs
Describe the max effective rates of fire of the M16? semi-45/min burst-90/min sustained-12-15/min
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16? 3100fps
Describe the ranges of the M16? max-3600 max point- 550 max area- 800
Describe the barrel rifling of an M16 Right hand 1/7 twist
What are the eight steps in the cycle of function for an M16/M4? feeding, chambering, locking, firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking
What is the FM concerning the M4? FM 3-22.9
Describe the M4 rifle? The M4 is a 5.56mm, magazine feed, gas operated, air cooled, semiautomatic or three round burst handheld shoulder fired weapon.
Weights of the M4? w/o mag-6.49 w/20rd mag- 7.19 w/30rd mag- 7.50
Describe max effective rates of fire for the M4? semi-45/min burst-90/min sustained-12-15/min
What is the muzzle velocity of an M4? 2970fps
Describe the ranges for the M4? max- 3600 max point- 500 max area- 600
What are the four positions of the M4 buttstock? closed, 1/2 open, 3/4 open, full open
What part of the M4 rail system may be removed to perform pmcs? Only the lower assembly
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