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Enrichment Questions

Whose masterpiece is the Adoration of the Lamb? Jan van Eyck
Who is famous for oil painting? Jan van Eyck
Who was taught the basics of art at an early age? Raphael
What is Raphael's real name? Raffaello Sanzio
Who's talent was noticed when he was 17? Raphael
Who was the chief of the Vatican? Raphael
Who is known as "the prince of painters"? Raphael
Who went to Venice when he was only nine years old? Titian
Whose work is Entombment? Titian
Whose work is The School of Athens? Raphael
Who was born in Alcala de Henares? Miguel de Cervantes
What was de Cervantes known for when he enlisted in the Spanish army? bravery
How many years of slavery did de Cervantes endure and how many attempts of escape were there? 5; 4
Why on two occasions was de Cervantes imprisoned? money was missing
Whose famous work is the Don Quixote? Miguel de Cervantes
What is Don Quixote and Sancho Panza? the main characters of Don Quixote
When was Don Quixote published in two parts? 1605 & 1615
What is the highest literary prize in Spanish called? Cervantes Prize
Who was known for having outstanding intellect since childhood? Isabella d' Este
What was d'Este musically skilled in? Playing the lute, singing, and dancing
Who was d'Este engaged to for 10 years? Francesco Gonzaga
How many children did d'Este have and how many were girls? 7; 5
What is a small room covered with fine paintings and carvings depicting ancient myths? studiolo
Did Isabella succeed in getting Leonardo de Vinci to paint her portrait? no
Where did d'Este rule a section? Romagna, Solarlo
What was Johann Gutenburg skilled in? Metalworking, Goldsmithing, and gem cutting
Why was Gutenburg forced to leave Mainz and where did he go? problems between patricians and guilds; Strassburg
Who developed the printing press? Johann Gutenburg
What is the Mazarin Bible also known as? Gutenburg Bible
How many bibles were originally printed and how many still exist? 180; 47
Who is the grandson of Genghis Khan? Kublai Khan
What is the Desert of Lop? the bed of an ancient sea
How much do you have to travel to find drinking water? a day & a night
How much water is available at each oasis? enough for 50 to 100 men w/beasts
How long does it take for someone to walk across the desert of Lop? narrowest point? an year; a month
How many places are the water good? bad? 28; 4 or 3
What do travelers do at night before they go to sleep? set up a sign pointing in the direction to travel
Created by: chameleon