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Garde Manger

Test 2

Piper nigrum Pepper plant
Brown pepper Toasted coriander seed
Tellicherry Top 10% of the malabar, india black peppercorn crop. Finest of peppercorns.
Quinelle Three sided football shaped.
Smear Friction of grinder separates fat.
Three classical accompaniments for terrines Chutney, greens, coulis, crackers, sauce, or salsa
2 examples of external garnish for terrines Bacon, ham, or prosciutto
2 examples of internal garnish for terrines Floating/stationary or sun-dried tomatoes/green peppers
2 of 6 components of a farce Dominant meat, fat, binders, garnish, seasonings, and pork meat.
Process of cooking in terrines Moist heat at 180* for 2.5 hours, cook till 165*, bring it out, weight it down, and cool.
Scoville units A gastronomic measure indicating the amount of capsaicin present in chili peppers. Capsaicin is 16,000,000.
Perigord Black truffle
Why pate and terrines To keep from smearing
Seasoning vs. flavoring Flavorings are spices and seasonings are salt/pepper
Effects of salt Pulls moisture, season, and preserve
Most expensive salt Gros sel
T/F Peppers are not chilies True
Full ripened smoked jalapenos Chipotle
Hungarian paprika vs. Spanish paprika Spanish are less intense than Hungarian.
A fungus that grows like a tuber Truffel
Why is white pepper strong It is the center of pepper and ground fine
Capsicum Pepper family
Created by: kford9790