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2012 midterm exam

Minimum veal stock times 6-8 hours
Minimum fish stock time 45 minutes
Minimum chicken stock times 3-4 hours
Ratio for 1 gallon stock 5-6 Quarts water, 5-6 pounds bone, 1 pound mirepoix
When is a liason used at the end
Binding to a stock Collagen
Minimum vegetable stock times 30-45 minutes
Sauce adds what (4) 1) moistness, 2) appearance, 3) flavor richness, 4) Interest and appeal
Mother Sauces = liquids + thickener
Veloute liquid used white stock
Espagnole liquid used brown stock
Bechamel liquid used milk
Tomato sauce liquid used tomato puree
Hollandaise liquid clarified butter
Roux ratios 50% fat; 50% flour
Finishing techniques (3) 1) reduction, 2) enriching with butter or cream, 3) Emulsions
Stock a clear, thin liquid flavored by soluble substances extracted from meat, poultry or fish, vegetables and seasonings.
Love 1) start cold, 2) simmer, never boil, 3) skim frequently, 4) strain frequently, 5) cool quickly, 6) store properly, 7) degrease
Two types of stocks White and Brown
Fonds Blanc white stock
Fonds Brun Brown stock
Remouillage rewetting
Emulsion a mixture of 2 or more immiscible liquids (oil and water).
Emulsification the process by which the immiscible liquids become blended.
Emulsifiers are present in... 1) Lecithin (yolks and soy) 2) Honey 3) Mustard
Lecithin a fatty substance occurring in animal and plant tissue.
= food cost % food cost / menu price =
= food cost menu price X percentage =
= menu price food cost / percentage
Thickener for Bechamel white roux
Thickener for Veloute blond roux
Thickener for Espagnole Brown roux
Thickener for Tomato Tomato puree and/or brown roux
Thickener for Hollandaise Egg Yolk
Order of 5 mother sauces by thickening agents color Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise.
Beurre Manie equal parts butter and flour kneaded. Thickener.
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