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Digestion Vocab

Stack #91144

Alimentary canal intestinal tract
appendectomy removal of the appendix
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
bile secretion of the liver, greenish-yellow with a bitter taste
bolus a mass of masticated food ready to be swallowed
cecum beginning ascending portion of large intestine forms blind pouch at the junction w/ small intestine
chyme mixture of partially digested food & secretions, found in stomach and small intestines
cholecystectomy removal of the gallbladder
cholelithiasis stone in the gallbladder
cirrhosis inflammation and hardening of tissues or organs, especially liver
colitis inflammation of the colon
colostomy incision in the colon to make opening
constipation sluggish action of the bowels
crohns disease inflammation of the GI tract w/ debilitating symptoms
cystic pertaining to a cyst
defecate to pass stool or move bowels
diarrhea breaking down food
diverticulitis inflammation of the diverticula
emesis vomit
enzyme complex substance produced by the body, to break down foods, etc.
esophagus collapsible tube from pharynx to stomach, to pass food and water
fissure ulcer, split, crack, tear in tissue
fistula abnormal tube-like passage from a normal cavity or absess to a free surface
gallbladder small sac suspended beneath the liver that concentrates and stores bile
gastric pertaining to the stomach
gastrointestinal pertaining to the stomach and intestines
gastroscopy exam of the stomach with a gastroscope
hemorrhoids varicose veins of the anal canal
hernia a projection of a part from its normal location
herniorrhaphy surgical repair of a hernia
hydrochloric acid digestive juices found in the stomach
ileocecal the valve between the end of the small intestines and cecum.
ileostomy surgical opening from ileum onto the abdominal wall
jaundice yellow-ish color of sclera and skin due to pigments of bile in the blood
liver largest gland in the body
nausea an inclination to vomit
pancreas organ secretes insulin and pancreatic digestive juices
pancreatitis inflammation of pancreas
peptic pertaining to digestion, or ulcer of upper digestive tract
peristalsis wave-like muscular movement
polyp tumor with pedicle, esp. on membranes
reflux return or backflow
sigmoidoscopy inspection of sigmoid w/ an instrument
stenosis narrowing or constriction of a passage or opening
stomach dilated sac-like distensible portion of the alimentary canal below esophagus and before small intestines
stool bowel movement, feces
ulcer an open lesion on the skin or membrane
vermiform appendix the appendix and small tube attached to cecum
villi tiny projections from a surface
vomit to expel contents of the stomach through the mouth.
digestion breaking down food
flatus intestinal gas
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
varices enlarged, twisted veins
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