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BIO202 - CH17 – Leukocytes (WBCs) - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

Abnormal types of white blood cells Infectious mononucleosis - caused by epstein-barr virus, leukemias - WBC cancers
Leukocytes are? White blood cells (WBCs)
What is diapedesis? When white blood cells slip out of capillary beds to go where needed.
Leukocytes move through tissue space by __. amoeboid motion
Leukocytes follow chemical trail to their destination - this is called __. postitive chemotaxis
What is leukocytosis? WBC count over 11,000/ml - normal homeostatic response to an infection in body
2 major categories of leukocytes. Granulocytes (have membrane-bound granules) & agranulocytes (lack them).
Pneumonic phrase to remember leukocytes from most abundant to least. Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas (Neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, & basophils).
Granulocytes include __ & are __ in shape. Neutrophils, basophils,& eosinophils (Never Eat Bananas) - Spherical
Functionally all granulocytes are __. Phagocytes
Neutorphils contain antimicrobial proteins called __. defensin
Neutrophils are called PMNs or polys because? They are polymorphonuclear leukocytes because their nuclei have 3-6 lobes.
What is a respiratory burst? When oxygen is used by phagocytes to produce oxidizing substances to kill germs - hydrogen peroxide - defensin - mediated lysis occurs.
Neutrophils 2/3 of WBCs - follow chemical trails - fine granules - take up blue & red dyes.
Eosinophils Attach paracites & take part in alergic responses - 2 lobes, stain red, great against worms.
agranulocytes lymphocytes & monocytes (Let Monkeys).
Monocytes immature pagocytes - pale blue cytoplasm & dk. nucleus - become marcrophages - activate lymphocytes to mount immune response.
B & T cells / lymphocytes Operate in immune respoinses - 2nd most common WBC - lg. dk. nucleus w/sm. rim of blue & emeshed in lymphoid tissue.
Basophils Rarest WBC - release histamine - contain heparin (anticoagulant) - U or S shaped nucleus
T lymphocytes (T cells) Function in immune response by acting directly against virus - infected & tumor cells.
B lymphocytes ( B cells) Give rise to plasma cells which produce antibodies (immunoglobins).
What is leukopoiesis? Production of WBCs - stimulated by chemical messengers.
2 glycoprotein familes of hematopoietic factors interleukins & coly - stimulating factors (CFSs).
Monocytes may live for __. several months
Lymphocytes may live from __. a few days to decades
Overproduction of abnormal leukocytes occurs in __ & __. leukemia & infectious mononucleosis
An abnormally low WBC count is called __ is commonly induced by __. leukopenia - glucocorticoids & anticancer agents
The leukemias are named according to __. The abnormal cell type primarily involved.
Leukemia is acute when __ & chronic __. it derrives from blast-type cells - when it proliferates from later stages.
Acuteleukemia is seen most in __ & chronic in __. children - elderly
Without therapy, all leukemias are __. fatal
In leukemia, bone marrow becomes __. totallyoccupied by cancerous leukocytes & immature WBCs flood into blood, causing anemia & bleeding
The most common causes of death for leukemia are __. internal hemorrhage & overwhelming infections
Most CFSs are named for? The leukocyte population they stimulate, ie granulocyte -CSF (G-CSF).
Whatis the granulocyte line of leukopoiesis? Hemocytoblast -> myeloid stem cell -> myeoblasts -> promyelocyte -> myelocyte -> band cell -> granular leukocyte
The nuclei arc of granular leukocytes forms when? in the band cell stage
When myeloblasts accumulate lysosomes, they become __. promyelocytes
The agranulocyte __ diverge from a myeloblast that can become either a neutrophil or a __. monocytes - monocyte
Only __ arise via the lymphoid stem cell line. lymphocytes
Treatments for leukemia are? Irradiation & drugs that destroy rapidly dividing cells - bone marrow or unbilical cord blood transplants.
Infectious mononucleosis is caused by __ virus. Epstein-Barr
Hallmoark of infectious mononucleosis is? Excess number of agranuloctyes.
Created by: Ladystorm



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