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The Nervous System 8

What is one the function of the Nervous System? To detect and feel sensations.
What is another function of the Nervous System? To initiate appropriate responses to changes.
The last function of the Nervous System is? To organize information for immediate use and store it for future use.
The CNS or (Central Nervous System is made up of? The brain and spinal cord.
The PNS or (Peripheral Nervous System is made up of? 12 cranial, 31 spinal nerves and all branches for them.
The Neuron of the nerve tissue is made up of? Nerve Cells
What are the processes of the neuron? Nerve fibers
What moves toward the cell body? Dendrites
What moves away from the cell body? Axon
The neuron fiber covering is called? Myelin Sheath
The Myelin Sheath is made up of what type of cells? Schwann Cells
The spaces between the Schwann cells is called? Nodes of Ranvier
Neuroglial cells do what? Move and phagocytize pathogens and damaged tissue
Oligodendrocytes produce _________ in the CNS? Myelin
What lines the ventricles to help with CSF circulation? Cilia
What prevents harmful substances from entering the brain? BBB or Blood Brain Barrier
The space between the axon of one neuron and dendrite or cell body of another? Synapse
The chemicals that excite or inhibit a neuron in a synapse? Neurotransmitters
Excitatory causes postsynaptic neuron to do what? Depolarize
Inhibitory causes the postsynaptic neuron to do what? Hyper polarize
The enzyme that inactivates neurotransmitter to stop the impulse until needed again is called? In activator
Re absorption of neurotransmitter back into neuron that released it is called what? Re uptake
What are the three types of Neurons? Afferent, Efferent, and inter neurons
What produces the impulse in the neuron? Receptors
The receptors in the skin are called? Symatic neurons
Receptors of the internal organs are called? Visceral neurons
Sensory neurons are all known as? Afferent
Afferent neurons produce what? Impulses to the CNS
Motor neurons are also known as? Efferent
Efferent neurons move from? The CNS to the effector
What are the 2 types of efferent neurons are called? Symatic and Visceral
Symatic neurons effect what? Skeletal muscle
Visceral neurons effect what? Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands.
What type of neurons connect the CNS neurons together? Interneurons
Groups of nerve fibers are called? The nerve
Sensory nerves are only? Afferent
Motor nerves are only? Efferent
Mixed nerves are both? Afferent and Efferent
The nerve tract is made up of what? Bundles of functionally related fibers in the CNS
The electromechanical signal carried by the nerve is called the? Nerve impulse
At rest a neuron is? Polarized and is more positive on the outside
The gradient is set up using sodium potassium what? Pumps
Depolarization followed by repolarization is called what? Action Potential
The reversal of charges is called? Depolarization
Created by: ShanellStock