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Anatomy Bell Ringer

Mostly muscles

What innervates the subscapular muscle? Suprascapular nerve
What innervates the infraspinatus muscle? Suprascapular nerve
What innervates the teres minor muscle? Axillary nerve
What innervates the teres major muscle? The subscapular nerve ** only one
What innervates the coracobrachialis muscle? The musculocutaneous nerve
The subclavian nerve innervates... The subclavius muscle
What is the origin for the levator scapulae muscle? Transverse process of cervical vertebrae
What does the dorsal scapular nerve innervate? The rhomboids and the levator scapulae
What innervates the deltoid muscle? The axillary nerve
What 3 muscles does the axillary muscle innervate? The deltoid, the long head of the triceps, and the teres minor
Where does the deltoid insert? Deltoid tuberosity on humerus
Where does the latissimus dorsi insert? The bicipital groove on humerus
Where does the pectoralis major insert? Greater tubercle on humerus
What nerve innervates the trapezius? The accessory nerve
What do the middle fibres of the trapezius do? Adduct the scapula
What is the origin and insertion for the scalenes? Origin: transverse process of cervical vertebrae Insertion: ribs
What is the origin of the sternocleidomastoid? The mastoid process
What is the function of one sternocleidomastoid? Turn head side-to-side
Splenius capitis muscle attaches where? Mastoid process of temporal bone
Where does the splenius cervicis attach? Cervical vertebrae
Where does the iliacus insert? Lesser trochanter on femur
What is the origin of the sartorius muscle? ASIS
Which 3 muscles attach at the goose's foot? Sartorius, semitendinosus, gracilis
The superior gluteal nerve innervates what? The gluteus medius and minimus
Does the gluteus maximus cause lateral or medial rotation? Lateral
Where does the gluteus maximus insert? Gluteal tuberosity on the femur
Where do all of the lateral rotators of the hip insert? Greater trochanter on the femur
What 2 things does the nerve to the quadratus femoris innervate? The quadratus femoris and the INFERIOR GEMELLUS
The nerve to the obturator internus innervates which two muscles? The obturator internus and the SUPERIOR GEMELLUS
What originiates the the ischial tuberosity? The inferior gemellus and the quadratus femoris
What inserts at the obturator foramen? The obturator externus
The obturator nerve innervates which 3 muscles? The obturator externus, the gracilis, and the adductor (longus, brevus, and magnus)
What innervates the pectineus? The femoral nerve
Where do the adductor muscles insert? Linea aspera
Name the 4 quadriceps: Vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus femoris, and resctus femoris
What is the string you can feel in the popliteal region? The semimembranosus
What innervates the semimembranosis and semitendinosis? The sciatic nerve
What innervates the muscles that dorsiflex the foot? The deep fibular nerve
What innervates the muscles that evert the foot? The superficial fibular nerve
What innervates the muscles that flex the foot? The tibial branch of the sciatic nerve
What is the function of the levator palpebrae superioris? Elevate the upper eyelid
What does the trochlear nerve innervate? Superior oblique
Waht does the abducens nerve innervate? The lateral rectus (*ABducens)
What nerve innervates most of the eye muscles? The occulomotor
Inferior rectus, superior rectus, and superior oblique cause: medial rotation
What rotates the eye laterally? The inferior oblique
What does the inferior oblique do? Move eye superior and lateral; lateral rotation
What innervates the muscles of the posterior thigh? The sciatic nerve
The long head of the bicep inserts where? Bicipital tuberosity
Where does the short head of the bicep insert? Bicipital aponeurosis
Where does the long head of the bicep originate? The supraglenoid tubercle
Where does the short head of the bicep originate? The coracoid process
What innervates the pterygoid muscle? mandibular branch of trigeminal nerve
where does the medial pterygoid insert? mandible (m-m)
All 3 heads of the tricep insert on to... The olecranon of the ulna
Where does the long head of the triceps muscle originate? Infraglenoid tubercle
Where do the lateral/medial heads of the triceps muscle originate? Humerus
Teres major causes ___ rotation medial
Teres minor causes ___ rotation lateral
What nerve passes through the foramen rotundum? Maxillary
What passes through the foramen ovale? Mandibular nerve
What passes through the jugular foramen? Cranial nerves & jugular vein
What passes through the foramen lacerum? Pharyngeal artery
Where does the pituitary gland sit? Sella turcica
What passes through the foramen spinosum? Meringeal artery
Name the 3 ligaments of the sternoclavicular joint Interclavicular, sternoclavicular, costoclavicular
Which end are clavicles abrupt at? Lateral/acromial
Radius is small distally/proximally proximally
Name the order of the cuneiforms medially to laterally Medial, intermediate, lateral cuneiform
The right coronary artery splits in to... right marginal and posterior descending
The left coronary artery splits in to... the circumflex and left anterior descending
What 2 arteries supply the Circle of Willis? Internal carotid and vertebral arteries
Which is the 1 muscle in the forearm innervated by the ulnar nerve? Flexor carpi ulnaris
Name the 3 muscles of the "snuff box" Abductor pollicus longus, extensor pollicis brevus, extensor pollicis longus
What innervates the serratus anterior muscle? Long thoracic nerve * only one
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