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BIO202 - CH17 - Blood - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

What are the formed elements of blood? Living blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes) & platelets
What is plasma? Nonliving fluid matrix of blood
What are erythrocytes? Red blood cells (RBC)
Buffy coat is? Whitish layer found through centrifuge that contains leukocytes & platelets
What are leukocytes? White blood cells (WBC)
Erythrocytes constitute about __% of blood volume sample, a percentage known as __. 45%, hematocrit
Hematocrit is? %of erythrocytes in whole blood sample.
Normal hematocrit in males is __%, females __% 47% +/- 5%, 42% +/- 5%
Leukocytes & platelets contribute less than __ % of blood volume. 1%
Plasma makes up about __% of whole blood. 55%
Blood is slightly __ with a pH of __. alkaline, 7.35 - 7.45
Blood is __ than body temp. hotter - about 100.4 degrees F.
Blood accounts for about __ % of body weight. 8%
Blood volume in males = __ & females = __. 5-6L, 4-5 L
3 roles of blood. Distribution, regulation & protection
3 ways blood regulates functions in body. Body temp (distributing heat t/o), pH (buffers), & fluid volume
2 ways blood is protective. Preventing blood loss (platelets & proteins) & preventing infection (antibodies, WBCs)
90% of plasma is? Water
Plasma proteins account for __% of plasma volume. 8%
Except for hormones & gamma globulins, most plasma proteins are produced by __. Liver
60% of plasma proteins are __. Albumin
Albumin Blood buffer - main contributor to osmotic pressure - 60% of plasma protein - carrier to shuttle certain molecules.
Of the formed elements, only __ are complete cells. Leukocytes or WBCs
Erythrocytes (RBCs) are little more than __. "Bags" of hemoglobin (Hb).
Platelets Any of the membrane-bound fragments in blood that release substances necessary for clot formation - come from megakaryocytes.
A CBC includes counts of? The different types of formed elements.
If severe need for blood cell production, the __ & __ may resume fetal blood-forming roles. Liver & spleen
Hematoma Bruise - accumulated, clotted blood in the tissues
Myeloproliferative disorder Leukoerythroblastic disorder involving fibrosis of bone marrow, polycthemia vera, and leukemia.
Plasmapheresis Plasma is removed, sepated from formed elements, & formed elements returned to patient or donor.
Septicemia Blood poisoning - Situation of excessive and harmful levels of bacteria or their toxins in blood.
Created by: Ladystorm