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CDC 3S051 Vol 3 MPS

2012 Military Personnel Section

When contacting a newcomer, what should you discuss with them? that you are there to provide information and assistance to make their move smooth. Listen to what the newcomer has to say. Be open and stay positive
What questions should you ask the newcomer? Will their family members accompany them(names, ages, interests), do they need information about a service, do they want you to meet them when they arrive and the date, time, and location.
How many days do you have to mail the sponsor kit? 7 calender days
What two letters should you include in the sponsor kit? A personalised letter from your CC and your own personal letter
Where does an inprocessing member first report the customer service element to check in
certify the member's PCS arrival by noting the date and time arrived. What document is used? af imt 899(endorsed travel order)
What does the personnelist do if the departure date is missing? start a new certification on a copy of the member's PCS orders, witness and certify the endorsed order, and forward to HQ AFPC to be filed in the ARMS until the subsequent reassignment
when inventorying the FRGp, what document is utilized to compare the enclosed documents with? enclosed af imt 330(records transmittal/request)
What is an UIF? an official record of unfavorable information about an individual
what does an UIF consist of mandatory documents, optional documents(at the CC's discretion), and af imt 1058 and 1137
who will appoint an individual to act as the base UIF monitor? mps CC
who can CC's appoint as the unit uif monitor? a personnel specialist or a civilian(civil service or contractor) from their staff. If a personnelist is not assigned the CC may appoint a information manager
what can a LOD determination impact? disability retirement and severance pay, forfeiture of pay, extension of enlistment, veteran benefits, survivor benefit plan, etc
an LOD should not be used for what purposes? disciplinary action or reimbursement for medical expenses
who is subject to LOD determination? AD AF members, ARC members who die, incur or aggravate an ilness, injury, or disease while on published orders for any period of time, USAFA cadets, AFROTC cadets
what are the four possible findings of an LOD determination? in the line of duty, existed prior to service, not in line of duty, not due to own misconduct, not in line of duty, due to own misconduct
hq afpc/dpsas controls and approves all surveys with what exceptions? occupational, internal reporting req., surveys of course grads, official audit, surveys requiring OMB approval, and single base surveys initiated by installation or unit CC
what information is required in the survey approval request? purpose and justificiation, how survey results will be used, poc with phone#, population of interest, how the data will be collected, how often people will be surveyed
all personnel are required to maintain what type of confidentiality? strict
what responsibilities does the survey respondent have? answer surveys accurately and honestly. not to put confidential info in survey.
what are the responsibilities of the mps CC? ensure compliance with AFI 36-3002(Casuality Service) and they may delegate completion of forms to the customer support element
what is the intention of the special counseling? inform members of their insurance benefits, the rationale behind these benefits, and the availability of commercial alternatives
what is the principal role of life insurance? ease the financial burden imposes on survivors when a member dies achieving the financial strength needed to cover the expenses associated with death and any loss of income to those financially dep. on the member
what two types of insurance are there? term and whole life
what can be used to verify eligibility when enrolling a member or dependent in the DEERS? social security card, passport, driver's license, or other official document
list 5 different types of ID cards active duty, guard and reserve, retired with pay, civilian employee, civilian contractor, lawful spouse, unmarried child under age 31, legitimate, adopted, or stepchild; ward, foster child, and student age 21-23
what is the VO responsiblity? validating eligibility of bona fide beneficiatires to received benefits and entitlements, and is the only person authorized to sign block number 99 on the DD form 1172
what is the IO's responsibility? only person authorized to sign block number 108 on dd from 1172
who is eligible for join spouse assignment consideration? members who are extended AD with the AF and their spouse is also extended AD with the AF or one of the other US military services, meets all PCS eligibility requirements, have a join spouse intent code "a" or "b" and dont have a reassignment
what is the primary document used to record the marriage of a military couple? af imt 1048, military spuse information
when is the AF IMT 1048 completed? as soon as possible following the marriage of a military couple
how many copies of the AF IMT 1048 are completed? 1
how many members make up the AFBCMR? (air force board for correction of military records) 3
when can an applicant with a proper interest request correction of anther person's military records? the person is not capable of acting on their behalf, is missing, or is deceased
what are applicants required to provide when requesting correction of another person's military record? proof of proper interest with the application
how long do you have to file a correction to military records? 3 years
what are the casualty services program objectives? closely track all casualit reports and notifications in accordance with procedures set by afpc; report casualties; ensures timely noticiation to NOK; provide compassionate assistance to NOK until all claims and personal affairs are settled
the CAR prepares written instructions to supplement AFI 36-3002, outlining the responsibilities of which agencies? command post, unit CC's, security forces, MTF, chaplains, mortuary services officer, CPF, afrc, transportation, base telecommunications center and telephone operators, PA office, disaster prepardness office, and arc mps/mpf
the CAR will ensure the MPS CC of the FSS CC sends what to HQ AFPC/DPFCS? installation supplemental instruction to AFI 36-3002 with a signed transmittal memorandum, through the MAJCOM to HQ AFPC/DPFCS
what will the CAR send, email, or fax to HQ AFPC? af imt 1075 listing personnel responsible for casualty standby duties, whenever a change occurs and annually on 1 oct
what AFI governs SBP? 36-3002 casuality services
how often is the SBP paid? monthly annuity
what is the payment equal to? 55% of the retired pay a member would be entitled as if retired for total disability of the date of death
on what date did the payment reduction cease? april 2008
a request for humanitarian reassignment or deferment is considered based on what? individual merit taking into account the human factors involved, the applicant's skill and length of service, and manning priorities and requirements
a humanitarian request may be approved when the criteria is met? best interest of the AF
a humanitarian request will not be disapproved based solely on what? member's substandard performance and (or) conduct
what must a member, desiring, humanitarian deferement, formally submit? a request to the TOTAL FORCE SERVICE CENTER(TFSC)within 30 calenders days from PCS reassignment notification, nomination to hq afpc or majcom, or selection for tdy in excess of 30 calendar days
when an individual is relocated due to PCS, TDY, seperation, or retirement, what will the member have? a relocation folder
who is responsible for preparing the relocation folder? career development element personnelist
how many relocation folders are prepared for several individuals being reassigned to the same location with the same reporting month? 1
what documents are kept in the relocation folder? assignment selection letter, message, email, or RIP, af imt 907(relocation preparation checklist), reassignment orders and amendments, relocation processing memo, sglv 82866(SGLI), pcs departure certification statement(endorse copy of PCS order)
what office is the poc, for family member travel, that will provide guidance and administrative support to assigned personnel? career development element
who does the dependent travel to a designated place program apply to? airmen selected to serve a short, dependent restricte overseas tour or an airmen electing to serve an unaccompanied overseas tour and does/doesnt have an approved overseas follow-on
who does the dependent travel to a designated place with an approved overseas follow-on apply to? airmen with an approved overseas follow-on assignment
who does the dep. travel to a designated place without a follow-on assignment apply to? airmen without an approved follow-on assignment
what must officers do before they apply for separation? meet with their CC or supervisor to schedule the separation and consider their preferences and interests of the af
a seperating member may be subject to recoupment for what reasons? education assistance, special pay, bonuses
officers who are subject to recoupment must sign what? the statements
what form does the member use to request separation? af form 780, officer separation action
when are member eligible for retirement? 1st of the month after completing 20 years TAFMS, 10 years of TAFCS, and fulfilled ADSCs
how soon can a member apply for retirement? NET 12 months before the requested retirement effective date and NLT 120 days to include the number of terminal leave and permissive TDY requested
what two items will the career development element update in the vOP projected departure date and SSN
what document/certificates are given to the spouse of the retired military member? af form 1344, certificate of appreciation
who administers the officer promotion program? the secretary of the air force(SECAF) through the Chief of staff and deputy chief of staff of personnel
who issues written instructions to seleciton boards SECAF
who implements the promotion program approved by the SECAF through a fair and equitable process? hq afpc
who issues written notice to each eligible officer and to the local base CC of the eligible criteria? career development element
don't use administrative demotions when what is more appropriate? when it is more appropriate to take actions specified by the UCMJ
do not demote airmen who have separated. what should a CC do instead? begin administrative demotion action during enlistment. If the CC has sufficient reason to initiate demotion action, use the entire military record
what type of documentation should the CC maintain on demotions? supporting documentation of all rehabilitation and probationary actions
output products associated with enlisted promotion programs are produced and must be monitored jointly by whom? psm and the career development element
what database is used to support WAPS? promotion file
this promotion database is an extract of what system? milpds
who controls promotion to amn through sra? mps, career development element
what is the objective of the selective reenlistment program? to ensure the AF retains only airmen who consistenly demonstate the capability and willingness to maintain high professional standards.
what airment receive srp consideration? reenlistment eligible airmen
what product does the career development element use to identify airmen eligible for the srp? four-part afpc controlled computer product
what does part 1(srp actions) identify? airmen requiring srp consideration or reconsideration
who reserves the authority to approve extensions or reenlistment under certain conditions? hq afpc
who may approve or disapprove extension or extension cancellation requests? mps chiefs or their designated representatives
designated representatives assigned to the MPS or GSU personnel functions must posses what grade? tsgt, gs-6, or higher
how long can first-term airmen extend for? 23 months
what is oracle training administration? afpc standarized managed computer support system that effectively executes formal training across the af and works in conjunction with other training administration programs
oracle training administration is the source record for what? all af professional military education(pme) and formal training
what is OTA used for? planning, controling, and funding formal training throughout the af
who is the OPR for OTA? hq afpc/dpsit(education and training brance)
what is the overall objective of the retraining program? balance the career force of each afsc needed
what are the two types of retraining? CAREERS and NCORP
what does the CAREERS retraining allow? first-term airmen to refrain in conjunction with reenlistment into skills where a shortage exists.
what is the NCORP(noncommissioned officer training program)designed to do? move nco's from afscs with significant overages into afsc's with nco shortages
what is the af classification system policy? retain airmen who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment
describe the term disqualification an airmen whose afsc is withdrawn for failing to meet mandatory skill qualification
cc's must do what before considering retraining? consider separation
what is the AFSC for disqualification-reasons beyond control? r19a000
the af establishes an ADSC for whom? all active duty members who participate in adsc-incurring events
what grades incur an ADSC when they complete all or a portion of an ADSC-incurring event? officers in the grade of colonel and below and enlsited personnel
when does an ADSC, incurred for training, become effective? upon graduation
what form is utilized to document and make the member aware of and ADSC? af imt 63, acknowledgement statement
when are personnel on active duty eligible for the CSB? when they have a DIEMS/DIEUS of 1 aug 86 or later and have completed 15 years of ad service
what is the retirement plan for personnel who elect CSB? elect a 15-year $30,000 lump sum and remain at the high 36/40 percent retirement plan
what is the retirement plan for personnel who do not elect CSB? restored to the full high three average system known as high 36/50% plan
what form is completed in order to apply for CSB? individual notification memo(rip) and dd fro 2839
what is the UPMR a cross between? an alpha roster and the unit manning document
what does the UPMR show? authorized positions with association info as: position #, duty afsc, grade, functional account code, and accounting symbol
what does the UPMR highlight? mismatches between what is authorized for each position and what the position incumbent has for assigned data
each position on the UPMR is authorized how many incumbents? 1, however, 2 people can be assigned for a limited time
who is eligible for a us military decoration? all military personnel on ad
are the traditional af decoration(blue) binders mandatory or optional? optional
describe the selection of an alternative document holder good taste and should not detract from the overall presentation
do not submit recommendations in a token effort to what? "do something for your peope"
what does the duty status tool identify? names, strength accountability, and availability of personnel
what does the duty status data provide? a clear picture to hq afcp and the majcom of a unit's available strength
duty status reporting directly affects what? personnel tempo(perstempo)
to have an effective duty status program, what must happen? the member's duty status should be reported and updated anytime there is a change in their status
the af administrative qualification process is designed to do what? be the first step in selecting reliable personnel to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons
the af administrative qualification is a critical and integral part of what program? af PRP
what is the administrative qualification of a PRP screening process designed to do? help ensure military personnel meet PRP standards before departing for training or assignments to PRP duties
what is mandatory to use when processing PRP qualifications? PRP "how to" checklist
what was the enlisted assignment preference web-based self-service process designed to do? allow members to apply for normal reassignment to CONUS and OS areas
how many preferences can an enlisted member choose? up to 8 stateside and 8 overseas
how are assignments managed? computer generated; however, an AFPC assignment NCO or functional manager review each action to ensure validity
what is the enlisted assignment preference not used for? to apply for special duty assignment, joint/departmental, and short-notice overseas assignments
airmen volunteer for special duty assignments(sda) through what system? vMPF
airmen are limited in volunteering for only those SDAs which appear where? as ads on EQUAL-PLUS
in addition to an electronic application, some SDAs also require what? and where is the requirement listed? a hard copy application. It is reflected in the EQUAL-PLUS ad
what category of airmen receive a DOR equal to the date of enlistment in the RegAF? nonprio service enlistees(who have served less thean 24 months TAFMS), former members of reg. component enlisting on or after the 6th anniversay of their DOS; reservists who enlisted in a pay grade higher than the last grade held in a regular component
how is the DOR computed for a member who served in a regular component other than the RegAF and enlists in a lower grade due to TAFMSD? from the original DOR for the enlistement grade and years separated from DOS
what is leave? paid vacation from duty for recreation and relief from the pressures of job related duties
members may take leave for what reasons? vacation, personal reasons, and emergency situations
what is the leave program designed to do? allow service members to use their authorized leave to the maximum extent possible
at what rate does leave accrue? 2 1/2 calender days per month
what do evaluations document? an individuals performance, promotion, and special duty assignment consideration
why is timely, accurate processing of EPRs, OPRs and TRs so important? ensure personnel managers have current information
what does the mps do once they receive the TR or OPR/EPR notice from MILPDS? checks the notice for accuracy and attaches the LOD to the EPR notice
how does the mps get the TR or OPR/EPR notice to the respective sq? unit workflow box
what afi attachment should member read if they intend to file an appeal? afi 36-2401 attach. 1
what could happen if the member does not read the attachment? cause the ERAB to delay it's decision, may not put enough information in order for them to make a fair and equitable decision
what module will provide the means for members to submit an appeal? evaluation appeal module located in vMPF under most popular applications
airmen may also request what action when appealing an evaluation? supplemental promotion
what is HR-CMS? used for entering, tracking, resolving, and reporting on HR system related cases within the USAF
why was HR-CMS developed? to give base-level offices the ability to communicate with all levels of the HR community to resolve problems with member's computer records that cannot be resolved by directly updating the various HR system
how did MPF 07-89 affect the PIF policy? it did not affect the CCs discretion to maintain a PIF
MPF 07-80 was issued to remind CCs of what? about that the impending loss of unit personnelists. How they may wish to review their policies regarding PIF creation and maintanence
What is BAS meant to offset? member's meals
BAS is based in the historic origins of the military in which the military proved what two things? room and board
what is ESM formerly known as? subsistence in kind
ESM is food furnished for whom? enlisted personnel at government expense
all products designed and controlled by HQ AFPC are considered what type of products? standard products
Standard products include what type of products? programmed, transaction registers, rips, and maps
the management assessment products(map)and MPS management tool were designed to help with what personnel actions? identify potential errors and assist with database integrity issues
what is the intent of MAP and tools? to identify potential database errors
What actions will a personnelist in the MPS take once they receive supporting documents from a member for a personnel action? conduct a quality check on the paperwork and make necessary corrections
Once the personnelist updates the MILPDS, what happens to the update? it flows information to the DFAS
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