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Baking NOCTI 3

baking NOCTI vocab book 3

whatis all purpose flour? a general use flour-not used to make breads
what is self-rising flour? has paking powder in it to leaven
what is bran flour? flour with extra bran flakes in it
what are starches used for? used to thicken
what are instant starches? precooked starches used when heat would damage a product
when is the starch "waxy maize" used? in frozen products and pie fillings
what is the term that describes the modem milling of wheat? Break system
what are the two proteins that become gluten when flour is mixed with water? glutenin/gliadin
list 6 types of wheat grown in north americe hard red winter, hard red spring, hard white, soft white, soft red winter, dunrum
what is hard red winter wheat used for? bread flours
what is hard red spring wheat used for? has highest protein content used for bread flours
what is hard white wheat used for? making cakes and crackers
what is soft red winter wheat used for? soft wheat used for pastry flour
what is durum wheat used for dunrum is the hardest wheat kernel used in making pastas
what is cornstarch used for? sets like gelatin when cooled and is used for products to maintain shape-pudding
why is emulsified shortening used in baked goods? they are soft and spreadable making it easy to distrubute in dough or batter
lwhat is the composition of butter? 80% fat, 15% water, 5% milk solids
why is butter preferred in baking? flavor and melts in your mouth
what are 2 things that make butter difficult to use? expensive and hard to handle-soft when warm and hard when cold
what are the 2 types of whipping cream? light 30-35% fat and heavy 36-40% fat
what is evaproated milk? milk that has been cooked and 60% of the water removed
what are 2 commom cheeses used by bakers? bakers cheese and cream cheese
what are 3 ways you can purchase eggs? fresh, frozen, dried
how are eggs graded for sale? by size- large is most common in food service
what is cocoa powder? the dry powder remaining when cocoa butter is removed from chocolate liquor
what is bitter chocolate? straight chocolate liquor
what is sweet chocolate? bitter chocolate with some sugar added
what is mild chocolate? chocolate with milk solids added
what is white chocolate? cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. contains no chocolate liquor
what is cocoa butter? the fatty content in cocoa beans
what is refined sugar? granulated sugar (sucrose)
how are refined sugars classified? by the size of the grain
what are very fine and fine sugars used for? making cakes and cookies
what is sanding sugar? large grain sugar used for coating baked goods
what is confectioner's sugar? also known as powdered sugar or 10x sugar. ground sugar to a fine powder
what is added to confectioner's sugar to prevent clumping? a small amount of starch
what is brown sugar? cane sugar that is not completely refined. contains caramel, molasses and other impurities
what are the 2 types of brown sugar? light brown and dark brown
what is molasses? a concentrated sugar cane syrup remains after sugar is extracted from the sugar cane juice.
world's greatest teacher Mr. Seader
Created by: UBtech