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ET SWE 10/11 jl

What is the preferred ground system for CE facilities? Multi-point or Equipotential
In a power system, what color is the ground wire? green
How long in advance are unit training plans developed? For those cutters with relatively short deployment times, Unit Training Plans must be prepared for at least one month at a time.
What is the form for the Unit Training Plan? CG-5293
How many distinct elements are in the Training Plan? The Unit-Training Program consists of six distinct elements.
What type of training is normally provided to newly commissioned or recommissioned cutters? Shakedown
What type of training and qualification system is specifically designed for cutters 175' and less, and combines standard doctrine, a core and strand unit level training and qualification system, and training team visits to enhance/sustain cutter readiness Special and Emergency Operations and Procedures (SEOPS)
What slots are blank in the 73-Radar? 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
When drafting a memo, what is the purpose of the Routing Symbol? The office of the person who originated the memo goes here
Who in the below list was a MCPOG? A. Midgett B. Marcus Hanna, C. Hatch, D. Constantine D. RMCM Carl W. Constantine
In the acronym SAPP, what does "S" stand for? Security
In the acronym SAPP, what does "A" stand for? Accuracy
In the acronym SAPP, what does the first "P" stand for? Policy
In the acronym SAPP, what does the second "P" stand for? Propriety
What award recognizes U.S. organizations in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors for performance excellence? Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award
What is the minimum and maximum age requirement for Pre-Commissioning Program for Enlisted Personnel (PPEP) program? Must be between 21 years and not yet 32 years of age
What are the key watch words in the Commandants Direction? Readiness, People, Stewarship
Where is the administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast Guard? A. SFLC B. Headquarters C. Topeka D. Tracen Petaluma B. Headquarters
Who is the senior officer at headquarters? Commandant
Who directs the policy and administration of the CG under the general supervision of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security? Commandant
Who provides immediate direction to Headquarters Units, although he is not actually the Commanding Officer of Headquarters? Commandant
When did the Navy create the rank of Chief Petty Officer? April 1, 1893
The title "Chief" can be traced back to what war? Civil War, 1865
The merger of the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life Saving Service in ______ brought about a need for a position of higher authority. 1915
On _______the 55th U.S. Congress officially approved and established the CG's Chief Petty Officer Grade. May 18, 1920
The first CG Chiefs were the former station keeps of Life Saving Stations. They were given the title _________ to distinguish them from thier seagoing counterparts. Chief Boatswain's Mate (CBM) with an "L" for Lifesaving attached to their rate
In __________, Congress established two additional senior enlisted pay grades, E-8 and E-9, with the enactment of Public Law 85-422. Each service was left to define its two new pay grades. May 1958
Who was the first E-9 in the Coast Guard? Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin
On what date did Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin become the first Coast Guardsman to advance to E-9? November 1, 1958
What rank of officer lead the Atlantic and Pacific Areas? 3 Star Admirals
What cutter captured 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men, on it's two cruises to the West Indies? Cutter Pickering
During what war did the CG capture 18 prizes? Quasi-War
What cutter recaptured the American vessels Nancy and Mehitable in a memorable fight in 1799 with the French privateer, Revenge? Cutter Eagle
The CG's role of augmenting the Navy with shallow-draft craft evolved out of the _____? War of 1812
Which cutter captured the first prize of the War of 1812? Jefferson
One of the most hotly contested battles was etween teh cutter ______ and the British frigate Narcissus. The _______ crew was eventually captured but the British captain praised the gallantry of the American crew. Surveyor
What cutter was run ashore on Long Island? Eagle
The Cutter ______ took part in the expedition to Fort Sumter in 1861 to patrol the coast for commerce raiders and provide fire support for troops ashore. Harriet Lane
The Cutter ____ carrying 6 guns and manned by 10 officers and 95 crewmen, was engaged in the battle of Manila Bay. The _____ subsequently served as the escort and dispatch boat with Commodore George Dewey's Asiatic Squadron. McCulloch
How many cutters served under the Army's tactical control, guarding our important east and west coast ports against possible attacks? 11 Cutters
On May 11, 1898, in Cardenas Bay, Cuba, the cutter ______ and torpedo boat USS Winslow were engaged in battle with Spanish gunboats and shore batteries. Cutter Hudson
What were the first 10 cutters? Vigilant, Active, General Green, Massachusetts, Scammel, Argus, Virginia, Diligence, South Carolina, and Eagle
What Title of the US Code specifies that the CG is a military service and a branch of the Armed Forces of the US at all times? 14
What year was the Refuse Act? 1899
In what year did the CG take responsibility for coordinating all search and rescue operations in US waters, and accept responsibility for ice breaking duties? 1965
What year did the CG develop the AMVER system? 1958
In what year did President Johnson decide to place the CG under the Department of Transportation? 1967
What operation did the CG play a major role in during Vietnam? Operation Market Time
What year was the CG auxillary established? 1939
Who was the first Commandant of the CG? Ellsworth Price Bertholf
Who was the first Secretary of Treasury? Alexander Hamilton
How often do Direct Access passwords expire? 90 days
What title and section gives the Coast Guard it's Law enforcement authority? Title 14 USC, Section 89
Petty Officers are given apprehension authority under UCMJ, Article? Article 7
What article is Insubordinate Conduct toward an Officer? Article 91
What article is Failure to Obey Order or Regulation? Article 92
What year did the rate of Petty Officer become official? 1808
In what year did PO's begin wearing rate insignia of chevrons with the points down under a spread eagle and rating mark? 1886
For what 4 markings must comments with specific examples of performance from your supervisor be provided in an EER? 1, 2, 7, or Unsatisfactory Conduct
How many vertical red and white stripes appear on the Coast Guard Ensign? 16 - representing the number of states in the Union at the time the flag was adopted.
What flag must be displayed while a CG vessel is engaged in Law Enforcement? CG Ensign
Which flag is used as the organizational flag for parade and display purposes ashore? The Coast Guard Flag (AKA Standard or Colors)
How many missions and roles does the CG have? 11 Missions that fall under the 5 Roles
Created by: johnnyleo11
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