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Baking NOCTI 2

baking NOCTI vocab book 2

What is the temperature of oil to fry cake doughnuts? 375 degrees to 385 degrees
what is teh temperature of the oil used to fry yeast doughnuts? 365 degrees to 385 degrees
milk that has sugar added and is reductd to 60% of its original volume 3.carbohydrate
if doughnuts are greasy was the oil to hot or too cold to cold
what happens to "over proofed" doughnuts during frying they collapse (delfate)
when a dough is developed what is a tell tale sign? It pulls away from the bowl
what is a butterflake roll? 3 balls of dough baked together in a muffin tin
what is the flour commomly used for in making cookies pastry flour
what kind of cookie dough is used for rolled and cut cookies? shortbread dough
to find the average, shat do you have to do? add all numbers together and divide by the number of items
what are the two meanings for "yield" in a recipe 1-the total weight of all ingredients of a recipe and 2- the number of units made by the recipe
what is the discount for the following luncheon: 525 guests $.75 per person with a 10% discount discount is $39.38
what does the fremch term "misen place" refer to? time management
what temperature are yeast doughnuts proofed at? 80 degrees F
when working with puff pastry what is the term used to allow the dough to relax Rest (lets the gluten relax)
when "rolling in butter" you refrigerate the dough between rolls what is this term? to Retard
what are the 12 steps of bread production scaling (ingredients), mixing, scaling (portions), rounding, fermenting, bench rest, punching, make-up and panning, proooofing, baking, cooling, storing
what is the step after scaling the dough into portions rounding
another name for shaping dough is called? molding
why are angel food pans used without spray grease egg whites cling to the dry pan
how can you cool angel food cake after it is cooked? upside down
after whipping the eggs for angel food cake how do you mix in the flour? fold i flour by hand to maintain volume
what is a cause of angel food cake being too dry? too much sugar in the batter
when baking on a hearth, what do you use to put the bread into and remove it from this oven? a peel (use forn meal under bread so it will slide off peel
which doughnut takes longer to fry, cake or yeast? yease doughnuts, fried at lower temperatures
what are the 3 parts of a wheat kernel Bran, germ endosperm
what is the endosperm? the starchy portion of the wheat kernel
what is the germ? part of the kernael that would product a shoot if planted (high fat content)
what is the barn portion of the kernel? hard uter covering of the grain of wheat (used in wheat-removed in white)
what is patent flour? flour made from the inner most part of the endosperm
what is pastry flour? a low-gluten flouer slightly stronger than cake flour, light yellow in color.
what is high-gluten flour? used to make breads and rolls it has a high protein content
what is cake flour? low-gluten flour made from soft wheat. soft smooth, pure whint in color
what if bolting? sifting of stone-ground wheat kernesl when making flour
what is the ash content in flour? the amount of minerals in flour. wheat is high ash, white is low ash
what to protein content and absorption ratio refer to? the amount of water a flour absorbs is related to the protein content. higher protein absorbs more water
what are the 2 definitions of extraction in flour milling? the amount of flour milled from a given amount of grain and the percent of endosperm in a flour
list the 6 most common flours produced in North America straight, patent, clear, high gluten, cake, pastry.
what is straight flour? flour made from 100% endosperm
what is clear flour? made from the endosperm that remains after making patent flour.
Created by: UBtech