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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Definitions

Gastro Stomach
Carcino Cancer
Cysto Bladder
Dermo Skin
Entero Intestines
Erythro Red
Glosso Tounge
Hemato Blood
Leuko White
Adeno Gland
Cephalo Head
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Onco Tumor
Osteo Bone
Oto Ear
Patho Disease
Rhino Nose
Disco Disc
Algia Pain
Cide Kill
Cise Cut
Cle Small
Cyte Cell
Dyne Pain
Ectomy Remove
Ize Take Away
Lith Stone
Lysis Destruction
Malacia Softening
Megaly Enlargement
Oid Resembling
Ology Study Of
Ostomy Opening
Otomy Cutting Into
Penia Few
Phasia Speech
Phobia Fear
Pnea Breath
Rrhage Abnormal Flow
Rrhea Discharge or Flow
Scopy Visualize
Spasm Twitch
Stasis Stop
Stenosis Structure
Trophy Nourishment
Uria Urine
A Away From, Without
Ad Towards
Ab Away From
Ambi Both Sides
Ante In Front Of
Antero In Front Of
Anti Against
Auto Self
Bi Two
Brady Slow
Circum Around
Contra Against
Dia- Through, across
Dorso- Back
Dys- Painful
Endo- Within
Epi- Upon
Hemi- Half
Hyper- Above, over
Hypo- Below, under
Inter- Between
Intra- Inside, within
Latero- Side
Medi- Middle
Peri- Around
Poly- Many
Postero- Behind
Pre- Before
Retro- Behind, after
Sub- Below
Super- Above
Supra- Above
Syn- Together
Tachy- Fast
Trans- Across
Semi- Half, partial
Alb- White
Chloro- Green
Cirrho- Yellow
Cyano- Blue
Melano- Black
Purpuro- Purple
Created by: wehrle13