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Materiel Management 5 level

What publication describes the general duties and responsibilities for materiel management? AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel
Which program was created to promote a better understanding of the whole supply system? Wholesale Logistics program
What rank is required to qualify for the logisics career broadening program? E-6 or E-7
Who handles all enlisted issues for a major command for the 2S career field? MAJCOM Functional Manager (MFM)
Who chairs the Air Force Supply Chiefs Advisory Board and is key to the education and training path of our enlisted force? Career Field Manager (CFM)
What is eLog21? The AF transformation campaign to improve logistics to meet both current and future threat environments.
What is the goal of Integrated Processes? To create unified, enterprise-wide processes that cut across organizations and geographies to deliver the right support, to the right place, at the right time, everytime.
Who operates the three air logistics centers (ALC) The Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
Where are the three ALCs? Ogden ALC (OO-ALC), Oklahoma City ALC (OC-ALC), Warner Robins ALC (WR-ALC).
Manages and purchases common consumable items used by all the military services and some civilian agencies. The Defense Logistics Agency
Provides wholesale support to all government agencies. IE General products (office supplies, hand tools, furniture...etc The General Services Administration (GSA)
A maintenance activity on base that fabricates items locally. Local Manufacture
Source of supply from a local community vendor. Purchases of $2,500 at one time. Local Purchase
Give maintenance options ranging from complete decentralization to centralization of repair functions in a single facility. Centralized Repair Facility
Supply Class I 1. Subsistence
Supply Class II 2. Clothing, PPE, Tentage, tools..etc
Supply Class III 3. POL. Fuels, lubricants, gasses, antifreeze
Supply Class IV 4. Construction.
Supply Class V 5. Ammunition.
Supply Class VI 6. Personal deman items (non-military sales)
Supply Class VII 7. Major end items. Launchers, tanks, vehicles.. etc
Supply Class VIII 8. Medical material including repair parts
Supply Class IX 9. Repair Parts. To include kits, assemblies and subassemblies
Supply Class X 10. Materiel to support nonmilitary programs; such as agricultural and economic development.
Created by: Chrtann
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