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Garde Manger

Test 1

Bound Salad A protein, pasta, or potatoes bound together by a dressing.
Bites in an appetizer 5-6
Concasse Peeled, seeded, and rough chopped
Oil infusion, which method? Hot
4 Components of a salad Base, body, garnish, and dressing
Ages of balsamic vinegar
Salad greens should be wet or dry Dry, because oil and water doesn't mix.
What makes an entree salad? Protein
Ratio of oil to acid? 3:1
Difference in acid content of wine vinegar and distilled vinegar? Wine vinegar has a higher acid % than distilled vinegar.
Garde Manger Cold Kitchen
Chutney Jam like product with chunks
Charcuterie Using off cuts of meat (sausages, pates)
What to use a hot marinade for? Vegetables and herbs
3 components of a marinade Acid, oil, and flavor.
Name 8 salad greens Iceberg, romaine, spinach, bib, arugula, dandelion greens, cabbage, and butterhead.
How long does a cold infusion take? 5-6 hours
Coulis Pureed vegetable or fruit
Name the 5 mother sauces Bechamel, espagnole, tomato, hollandaise, and veloute.
Amuse bouche Sent out at the beginning of a meal. 1 bite and free to get customers wanting more.
Emulsion agents for vinegarettes Egg and mustard
Talon Fat, wax, and paraffin.
3 types of vinegar Fermented, distilled, and specialty.
Name 2 bland oils Salad/vegetable oil and Canola oil
Created by: kford9790