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2012 E7 SWE

BMC SWE Study Material

How many units report directly to Headquarters? 35 units report directly to Headquarters
Districts are commanded by what type of admiral? Rear-Admiral Upper half
What war did the CGC Eagle capture the Nancy and Mehitable? The Quasi War
In regards to anchoring what safety factor is used for determining the anchor chain size? safety factor of five.
Do not anchor on a bottom greater than what degrees 40 degrees. this ship will drag the anchor.
What oil can you pour down the hawsepipe to reduce friction you can use Vegatable oil but limit the amount not to cause a sheen in the water.
When are lead lines used to determine depth of water when charts are not available and the ships fathometer is not working
What size weight is used for a leadline 7 or 14 pounds
What is loaded into the hollow bottom portion of the leadline Tallow or saltwater soap
How long is the leadline 25 fathoms
how often should the ships anchor and appendages be overhauled within twelve years to conincide with the drydock
How many types of windlesses are there two types. Horizontal and vertical. Most ships are vertical
What is the holding power of the standard Navy stockless anchor 7.1 times the weight of the anchor
How do you store an anchor With the flukes and shank supported on the deck or ground and blocked in place
How many coats of paint should be on an anchor there should be 4 coast. Two coast primer and 2 coats haze grey.
Where is the link measured to determine it's size it's measured at the grip area. Where the two links connect and take the tension
Link width and legnth the link length is 6 times the nominial diameter adn the width is 3.6 times
How long is one shot of chain 90 feet or 15 fathoms
in regards to anchor chain what is a short bend when the chain is on a curvature tighter than 3 links continuosly touching the curve.
how many types of die lock chain are there 3 different types
how is the detachable link painted red white blue in order every 15 fathoms. one shot
how is the chain painted 1st shot white on each side of detachable link. 2 shot, two links on each side and continue as such
What color is the next to last shot all links painted yellow
what color is the last shot painted all links are painted RED
one detachable link will replace no more than how many links if replaceing worn chain no more than 3 links of chain
is the number of links in a shot even or odd and why the must be odd. So the detachable link will align the same of the wildcat for all shots of chain.
why are there match marks on the detachable link so they are not mix matched with other parts.
when are bending shackles used when connecting the outboard swivel shot to the anchor shackle
When is a mooring shackle used to connect a mooring buoy to the anchor chain
What is the bitter end shackle it is used to connect the anchor chain to the chain locker padeye
The padeye is designed to be 1.75 times the stregth of the bitter end shackle with what for a safety factor 3 times on the ultimate strength
What is the minimum breaking strength of the bitter end shackle equal to the weight of 20 shots of chain
What is the breaking strength of the chain stopper ships with just 1 should be equal to the breaking strength of the chain. 2 or more should be 120% of chain
When is a cable jack used for chain larger than 2 3/4 inch
When would you use a mooring shackle when anchoring with 2 anchors
How often should you inspect a detachable link between 18 and 36 months
When anchoring what angle of the bottom will cause the anchor to slip 40 degrees or greater
What is the widest part of the boat called the beam
what is the deepest part of the boat called the draught
What plant is used to make sisal line The Agave plant
How is natural fiber line made short fibers twisted to make yarns, Yarns are twisted opposite direction to make strands and are twisted opposite direction to make the final product. Called line
How long does the MK 124 burn for 20 seconds each end
How high does the MK 79 go 450-650 feet
how long with the floating electric marker light last 9 hours continuous, 18 hours intermitent
Created by: Sardawg47
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