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Clinical-EENT CH 19 Q&A

Name some of the responsibilities of the MA in the EENT Office Obtaining and Recording VS-PT HISTORY-Testing Vision Acuity - Performing Audiometry - Performing Eye and Ear Irrigation and Instillation
The eye is the organ of _____ ? Sight
Eyebrows, lids, eyelashes, frontal orbital sockets, conjunctive, and the mucous membrane cover what? The Eyeball
There are 3 layers of tissue in the eyeball, what are they? Sclera - Choroid - Retina
What is the sclera? A fibrous white tissue on the outside of the eyeball
What is the Vascular Tunic or CHOROID? A thin layer of tissue that contains blood vessels, lymphatics and intrinsic eye muscles
What is in the middle layer? The Iris and Cilliary Body
The RETINA transmits images to the brain via the ________ ? Optic Nerve
In the EYE TISSUE, what helps to maintain the eye's internal pressure and fill the globe of the eye. HUMORS
What does the IRIS DO? Regulates light and displays eye color
What does the Optic Nerve do? Sends images to the thalamus
What are Intrinsic Muscles They are colored portion of the eye membrane
What does the SUPERIOR RECTUS MUSCLE DO? Moves the eye to look UP
What does the INFERIOR RECTUS MUSCLE DO? Moves the eye to look DOWN
What does the LATERAL RECTUS MUSCLE DO? Moves the eye laterally (CORNER to CORNER)
What does the MEDIAL RECTUS MUSCLE DO? Moves the eye medially (TO THE MIDDLE)
The SUPERIOR OBLIQUE MUSCLE does what? Rolls the EYE as it looks down and to the side
What does the INFERIOR OBLIQUE MUSCLE do? Rolls the eye as it looks up and to the side
What does a refractive disorder mean? Includes any type of disruption to the light path in the eye.
Variations of refractive errors are called what? Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, presbyopia
A slit lamp is used to do what? Examine and perform specialized procedures in the front of the eye
A ophthalmoscope is used to examine what? The retina and other internal structures of the eye
This is used to remove a foreign particle or rust ring from the cornea Eye Spud
This is used to measure intraocular pressure. Tonometer
This chart measures DISTANCE visual acuity SNELLEN CHART - In English-Spanish-Pediatrics
This chart is for measuring NEAR-VISION acuity Jaeger Chart
How is a patients visual acuity measured? By his or her own ability to read letters on a special chart at a specific distance.
Why is testing performed? To assess degree of eye or disease process.
What is """"OD"""" RIGHT EYE
What is """" OS"""" LEFT EYE
What is Color Blindness or Color Deficiency An abnormal condition characterized by an inability to ID one or more colors.
T/F - Color Blindness is an inherited trait and is mostly found in males TRUE
How far away would a patient stand from the snellen chart? 20'
What does """""OU""""" mean? BOTH EYES
What is the purpose of EYE IRRIGATION Is a easy and comfortable way to remove substances in the medical office
When doing a Eye irrigation the patient should be laying in what position? Laying on their side
How many times should you read the irrigating solution label before administering the drops? 3 Times
Should you wear sterile gloves on when instilling drops? Yes
You should allow stream to flow from ____ to ____ eye. Inner to Outer
The eye should remain ______ during the procedure. OPEN
When installing eye drops patient should be placed in what position? Supine (on back) or in a Sitting Position
T/F - Wear sterile gloves Yes
How many times do you read medication label before administration of medication? 3 Times
Do not _____ dropper to ____, instruct patient to roll eye around TOUCH - EYE
What is the visible portion of the ear called? Auricle - aka: Pinna
The External Auditory Canal carries ____ into the ear? Sound
What is Cerumen? Wax
Where is the Tympanic Membrane located at Middle Ear
The Tympanic Membrane is also known as? THE EAR DRUM
What is the OSSICLES? 3 Small bones in the middle ear
What are the 3 bones called Ossicles that is located in the middle ear? Malleus - Incus - Stapes
What does the Oval Window connect? The middle ear to the inner ear
The Semicircular canals assist with the body's ________ via the vestibular nerve. Equilibrium
An additional function of the ear is balance, which is maintained by _____, ____ and _____. Semicircular Canals - Saccule - Utricle
What is ENDOLYMPH? Tiny hair cells - these structures move with the body to maintain balance
Created by: spoon6464
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