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Test # 6 cards 3

Labor, birth, and the uterus

quart of clear liquid, gives fetus freedom from mechanical pressures, acts as water cushion. temp 99.7 F Amniotic Fluid
uterus thick, three-ply, interwoven muscular layer that is overlapping and opposite-directional. Myometrium
fetus is born butt first breech
hormone secreted by the Corpus Luteum to soften the muscles, cartilage, ligaments, etc around the mother's pubic area for easier childbirth Relaxin
only in Humans and pilot whales, female ovaries lose their ability to reproduce and fertilize, so mense and ovum-release stop. Menopause
functions all activities of the human body internally and externally. Parts include the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that branch off those two key parts. Neuro-Endocrine
cell that has one nerve cell that has an unmistakable shape and amazing numbers Neuron
distinctive extending fibers; that receive Dendrites
distinctive extending fibers; that send Axons
grayish-white insulating fat tissue that axons are wrapped in Myelin Sheath
electrical impulse travels along a neuron cell, when it gets to the end, there is a release Synapse
release of chemical that allow synapse-crossing that "excite" the next neuron cell; Neurotransmitters
7 times larger than any other comparable animal, and is the most complex and complicated control center Brain
folds in brain Gyrus
when deprived of if for only a movement, it will lose consciousness immediately, thus having its own built-in defense mechanism Fainting
two large hemispheres, making up 88% of the brains size Cerebrum
govern higher mental process; allow humans to think and analyze like no other animal on earth; they are the center of learning, intellect, reasoning, recall, emotion, memory and language Cerebrum
thick bundle of fibers that connect or glue the left & right hemispheres together, and also allowing them to talk to one another Corpus Callosum
brains memory and emotional center. shaped like a seahorse buried deep in the brain Hippocampus
allows humans to love, laugh, cry, fear, remember, and be angry Limbic System
Hippocampus first site of this, build up of tangled, twisted neurons that send messages to the wrong places. Alzheimer's Disease
Lies deep between, takes external information and routes it to the appropriate part of the brain for processing. Thalamus
busiest parts of the brain because its main function is to maintain body homeostasis Hypothalamus
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