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Am Gov 13-15

Where in the Constitution is the Executive branch expressed? Article 2
5 Amendments that apply to the Executive Branch 12, 20, 22, 23, 25
12th Amendment Changed how President and Vice President are elected
20th Amendment Moved date which Pres. and V.Pres. take office to Jan. 20.
22nd Amendment Set term limits for Pres. - 2 terms or 10 years
23rd Amendment Gave District of Columbia electoral votes to be caste for Pres. and V. Pres.
25th Amendment Set Presidential succession
Formal qualifications for Pres. 35 yrs. old, natural born citizen, live in US 14 years
Informal qualifications for Pres. Experience, speaking ability, well known records in public office free of controversy, healthy appearance, good marriage, money
How many elected terms must a Pres. serve? 2
How many years can a Pres. serve? 10
Who fixes the Pres. salary? Congress
What is the salary and other benefits of the Pres? $400,000, $50,000 expense account, 132 room mansion, free health insurance, dental and medical care, fleet of automobiles, airplane, Camp David, travel and entertainment expense account
Why are the qualifications for V. Pres. the same as the Pres.? He is next inline to fill the office of Pres.
Present order of succession to presidency Vice Pres., Speaker of the House, Pres. Pro Tempore of Senate, Secretary of State
Current Vice Pres. Joe Biden
Current Speaker of the House John Boehner
Current Pres Pro Tempore of Senate Patrick Leahy
Current Secretary of State John Kerry
2 duties of V. Pres Preside over Senate - found in Article 1, Sec. 3, Clause 4 of Constitution-------------decide question of presidential disability-found in 25th Amendment
Why were the Framers opposed to choosing the president by popular vote? People were too scattered over a wide area; they could not possibly know enough about the available candidates to make a wise, informed choice.
Why were the Framers opposed to having Congress choose the Pres.? They did not want the Pres. to be controled by Congress.
How are candidates for the Presidency now chosen? Nominated at State conventions?
Purposes of national conventions 1. Nominate Pres. and V. Pres. candidates for each party 2.Bring party's factions and leading personalities together in one place 3. Adope a party platform
Date of General Election Tuesday after the first Monday in November
Date of Electoral Election Monday after second Wednesday in Dec.
Date of Formal Election Jan. 6th
Three flaws of present electoral system 1. Winner of popluar vote not guaranteed Presidency. 2. Electors not required to vote in accord with popular vote. 3. Any election might have to be decided in House of Representatives.
What is the executive office of the Presidnet An unbrella agency, a complex organization of several separate agencies staffed by more that 900 of the Pres. closest advisors and assistants.
Purpose of the White House Office Nerve center of entire Executive branch-Houses Pres. key personnel and political aides
Purpose of the National Security Council Advise Pres on all domestic, foreign, or military matters that relate to the nation's security.
How was Pres. Cabinet created? 1789 Congress established 4 top-level executive posts. The Pres. regularily sought their advice. Having a Cabinet of top advisors became a custom.
2 major jobs of Cabinet 1. Each member is the head of one of the executive departments 2. Together they advise the Pres.
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