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Ch 16 - Age of Faith

Medieval History - Chapter 16

crop rotation changing the use of fields over time
three-field system planting of fields in one-third sections, using 2 for different crop types and 1 left fallow
fallow unplanted
guild group of people who practice the same craft who join together in single city of the common good
mendicant to live on donations, not in a monastery
St. Francis of Assisi A young rich man who changed his life to live simply
St. Clare of Assisi founded an order of nuns based on the teachings of St. Francis
cathedral major church of an area, presided over by a bishop
university schools or group of schools that train scholars at the highest level
Thomas Aquinas French philosopher who argued the Greek teaching and catholic faith were not mutually exclusive
natural law all laws of nature govern both the natural world and human affairs
famine severe food shortage
Joan of Arc French woman who turned the tide of the Hundred Years War against the British
epidemic wide-spread outbreak of disease
bubonic plague deadly infection
scapegoat a person or people blamed for a problem they did not cause
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