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ByrneNoah III

AP American Government Domestic Policy

1 - Domestic Policy Includes crime prevention, education, energy, environment, health care, and social welfare.
2 - LBJ's "War on Crime" Study and suggest crime solutions. Increased federal involvement in crime prevention.
3 - Gun Control Since 1980s. Attempts to make guns harder to purchase.
4 - Federal spending on crime initiatives (officers, prisons) Increased by Bill Clinton.
5 - Harsher punishments (federal crimes) Mandates death penalty for certain crimes.
6 - Three strikes law Mandated punishments for 3rd felonies.
7 - "War on Drugs" Coined 1971. US and allies use militia to combat illegal drug traffic.
8 - Brown v. Board Begin efforts for equal access to education opportunity.
9 - State Government's role Authority over public education. +Nat. govt. role is increasing
10 - Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) Fed. funds for low-income populations. +From Lyndon Johnson's Great Society
11 - Department of Education Education policy determined/organized.
12 - School Vouchers Currently proposed. +Parents choose schools for their children +Nationally test students
13 - No Child Left Behind Proficiency tests req. by all states. +Unpopular on local level
14 - Renewable resources Repleshes itself in less than a lifetime.
15 - Global Warming Sketchy theory claiming an unhealthy increase in global temperatures in recent years. +Consist of the greenhouse effect being unnaturally increased by a greater amount of CO2 in the air.
16 - Toxic Waste Disposal (Superfund) Cleans toxic waste dumps, with or w/o company help. +1980 began
17 - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Enforce envir. laws.
18 - Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Reoprts and studies are req. for impacts on the envir.
19 - Clean Air Act (1970) Reduces air pollution.
20 - Water Pollution Control Act (1972) Cleans lakes and rivers.
21 - Endangered Species Act (1973) Nat. govt. protects endangered species.
24 - Medicare Health care for elderly.
25 - Medicaid Health care for poor.
26 - Veterans Administration (VA) Helps to promote public health.
27 - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulate food cleanliness requirements.
28 - Clinton's Health care proposals Proposed in 1993. +Died in Congress
29 - Obama-care Large changes to health care. +Has not gained a plurality
30 - Social Welfare origins (New Deal) Great Depression origin. +Nat. govt. intervention becomes expected
31 - Social Security Act First attempt to curb economic depressions and poverty. +$ to old retired +$ to handicapped, blind, injured
32 - LBJ's Great Society Nat. programs combat poverty. +Hand up policies
33 - Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) $ to single, poor parents with kids.
34 - Temporary Assistant for Needy Families (TANF) Replaces AFDC in 1997. $ to American families. +Limits encourage re-employment
Created by: nbleage
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