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Modern China test for Gloabal 9 Levan

1162 1227 United Asia into the Mongol empire. Warrior, ruthless Ganghis Khan
Traveler went very far. Wrote a book called the Rihla. Ibn Battuta
Ganghis Kahn divided up his mongoline empire into 4 Khanates. This was one. Khanate of the Great Khan
1215-1292 Grandson of Ganghis Khan and founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China. Followed his grandfathers conquests. Failed invasions of Japan. Kublai Khan
1254 – 1324 Traveler. Dictated a book to a romance writer called Milione while in jail. Marco Polo:
third son of Ganghus Khan. Second Great Khan. Good military leader. Listened to his generals. Lost battle and wounded when 17. Ogadai Khan
nomads who raise livestock primarily Pastoralists:
Peace following the conquest of Mongolia by Ganhis Khan “a maiden bearing a nugget of gold on her head could wander safely throughout the realm” Pax Mongolia
Mongal sack of city in the Ukraine. Army away. Catapult for 6 days and then killed and sacked and burned the city. Sack of Kiev
Grassland (cold and hot) Steppe:
Secret laws of the mongal empire Yassa
a group of families or households Clans
the territory ruled by a khan Kahanates
A social and economic system based on the raising and herding of livestock Pastoralist