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Chapter 16 YTI


Outer layer of skin. Keeps shedding.These cells flatten, shrink, lose their nuclei, and die. Stratum Corneum
What two factors are used to assess the damage of burns? Deepth and Area
How do you estimate the percentage of body burned? Rule of nine.
Groove or crack-like sore....-"Athlete's foot" Fissure
Flat lesion less 1 Cm..."Freckles" Macule
Small solid elevation of the skin...."Pimples" Papule
Papule containing pus...."Varicella" Pustule
Open sore on the skin...."Bedsore" Ulcer
No pus..."blister" Vesicle
Localized with evanescent of the skin. Wheal
Medical term for blackhead... Comedo
1st layer of skin Epidermis
2nd layer of skin Dermis
3rd layer of skin Subcutaneous layer
Spreading infection in the skin, redness, pain,swelling. Cellulitis
Caused by staphy and strept. Acute contagious skin infection. Bacterial inflammatory skin disease. Impetigo
Scaly-like, silvery recurrent dermatosis, chronic. Psoriasis
Contagious parasitic infection. A microscope is needed to look. Scabies
Tinea means... Fungus infection
Tinea pedis means... Athlete's foot
Tinea capitis means... Scalp ringworm
Tinea cruis means.... Jock itch
Tinea Unguium means..... Onychomyosis...Nail Fungus
Large tender swollen raised lesions caused by staph infection. Skin abscess Boils
Cluster of boils Carbuncle
Head lice.. Parasiric Infection. Wingless parasites that feed on human blood. Pediculosis
Does disease affect the skin color? yes
First degree burns only effect 1st and 2nd levels of the skin. True or Flase False
Sunburn is what degree burn? 1st degree
Most sever burn is what degree? 4th degree
Condition associated with Aids? Kaposi Sarcoma
Layers of muligant growths, Removed under a microscope. Moh's Surgery
Head lice is also known as Pediculosis
Shingles is caused by? Herpes-Varicella Zoster
Can a blood clot become a scar? False...no
Inflammation of the follicals, hair Folliculitis
"Warts" Epidermal growth caused by a virus. Verruca
Cancerous growth composed of melanocytes. Serious skin cancer. Malignant Melanoma
A condition associated with aids is... Kaposi Sarcoma, caused by herpes virus #8
Thin layers of malignant growth are removed and examined under a microscope.. Moh's micrographic surgery
What are the two types of skin tests? Patch and Scratch
Produces melanin..Everyone has the same number of Melanocytes, color deepends on the number of melanin produced and distributed. Melanocytes
What is the deepest layer of skin? Subcutaneous layer
Contagious parasitic infection? Scabies
hidr/o sweat
Kerat/o hard
erythemat/o redness
SC subcutaneous
SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
cutane/o skin
BX biopsy
rhytid/o wrinkle
onych/o nail
derm/o skin
ichthy/0 dry, scaly
py/o pus
phyt/o plant
trich/o hair
PPD purified protein derivative...used in skin test for TB
ungu/o nail
adip/o fat
squam/o scale-like
dermat/o skin
melan/o black
myc/o fungus,fungi
leuk/o white
albin/o white
cauter/o heat, burn
diaphor/o profuse sweating
lip/o fat
cause/o burn, burning
pil/o hair
seb/o sebum
eryathem/o redness
xanth/o yellow
steat/o fat
xer/o dry
Tinea Unguium onychomyosis, Nail fungus
blackhead comedo
Fissure Athlete's foot
Macule freckles
Papule pimples
pustule Varicella
Ulcer bedsore
Wheal Localized with evanescent of the skin
Jaund/0 Yellowing skin
Cellulitis spreading infection in the skin
Psoriasis Scaly-like silvery
Contagious parasitic infection Scabies
Bacterial inflammation caused by staph and strept Impetigo
Fugus infection Tinea
Athlete's foot Tinea pedis
Scalp ringworm Tinea capitis
Jock itch tinea cruis
Vesicle Blister
Created by: AllisonT