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Test # 6 cards 2

Cervical "Hostility Factor"

center of female reproductive, contain lifetime of eggs that remain dormant until puberty Ovaries
female sex characteristics Estrogen
Concerned with Pregnancy Progesterone
sex cells Ovum
after puberty, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone called this Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
inside of each ovary, whereupon about 20 tiny fluid-filled sacs Follicles
released ovum is swept up into a nearby Fallopian Tube but the site where the ovum-ruptured Corpus Luteum
Corpus Luteum tells the pituitary gland to begin releasing another hormone called this Luteinizing (LH)
"Alerts" the uterus that an ovum has been released and that the uterus should "get prepared" for possible pregnancy Progesterone
mid-cycle discomfort Mittel-Schmerz
Pair of 3-4" long 1/2" diameter muscular tubes whose design and location are key; Fallopian Tubes
finger-like projections, resemble baseball gloves. Catch the released ovum Fimbriae
Hollow, inverted-triangular pear-shaped, muscular-walled organ about the size of a fist that lies on top of the bladder Uterus
interwoven muscle fibers, "nutrient" cells, and blood vessels that are larger in diameter Endometrial Lining
if no pregnancy occurs, this "special blood buildup" will be discarded, and such discharge is a period of mild hemorrhage Mense
egg travels to the uterus and begins to "bore" and implant itself inside the endometrium lining wall where it will grow as a parasite off the mother until birth Embryo
passes food, oxygen, and nutrients to the fetus Placenta
19-22" rope-like tethered-structure, supply line hose for food,blood, & oxygen Umbilical cord
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