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Domestic Air NZ

Domestic Air NZ for travel agents

This airline flies from AKL to ZQN Jetstar
This airport is in King Country (Waikato)HLZ Hamilton
This club membership enables you to get the most out of your travel with Air New Zealand Koru
How many kilo's are allowed for carry on luggage? seven
What is the fare called if you were flying TRG-AKL-WLG in one day? Through fare
What is the name of the lowest fare on Air NZ? Grabaseat
Which fare is the most flexible with Ainr NZ? flexiplus
How many kilo's of checked luggage are you allowed on Air NZ Smartsaver fares? twenty-three
What is the luggage called that you hnded over the counter at check in and collected the other end? checked
When do you have to pay for a flexifare? up to the day of departure
What is the SSR code if You use a wheelchair for mobility and may require a manual upper body lift or the use of an onboard aisle chair, to get to or from your seat on the aircraft? WCHC
You may check in at the terminal using these self service machines kiosks
You must show this at check in with your electronic ticket identification
What is the minimum check in time for all domestic flights? thirty-minutes
This type of dog is allowed on board Service-dog
A child travelling alone on a domestic flight unaccompanied minor
This the name of the unaccompanied minor form UMNR
An unaccompanied minor must pay which fare, an adult or child fare? adult
You will need this if you are travelling beyond the start of 36th week of pregnancy on a flight longer than 5 hours medical clearance
An infant is below this age? two
If you are travelling alone and have two infants what fare do you pay for the 2nd infant? child
What is the SSR code for "Meet and assist" MAAS
What kind of meal do you get to eat onboard a domestic flight? snack
Jetstar is a subsidiary of another airline, which airline is it? Qantas
Jetstar belongs to which global alliance? One-World
Air New Zealand belongs to which global alliance? star-alliance
How long does it take in minutes to walk from Auckland Domestic terminal to the International terminal? ten
How can you get from AKL Domestic terminal to the International terminal if you don't wish to walk? bus
If you are flying Air NZ from ROT-AKL-LON where do you pick up your luggage that you checked in at ROT? London
bicycles, surfboards, hang-gliders and wind-surfers may be transported as what? oversized items
How much (in NZD) is a 2nd checked bag for domestic flights? thirty
What is it called when you have more than 23 kgs? excess baggage
If you are flying with Jetstar within NZ, check in opens how many hours prior to departure? two
If you purchase the cheapest domestic fare there will always be special..... conditions
Created by: jackiebrown
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