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Colombus guy

jen sab camryan and sky

King Fernand and Queen Isabelas treaty concerded the________. Papa Bull
Spain gained control of most of the ____ _____. NEW WORLD!!!!!!
Portugal discovers ________ by accident. BRAZIL!!!!!!!
Initially the only option left to France England and the Netherlands was_________. Piracy
Both Portugal and _______ claimed the Moluccas Islands. Spain
What kind of ship was the Santa Maria? Cargo Ship
How did the Santa Maria sink????? It hit a big bad nasty REEF!!!
Who did Colombus beat to Palos to gain glory???? Pinzon!!!!
How many ships did Columbus leave with on his 2nd journey?????? 17!!!!!!
What were Columbuses two main ships??? NINA & PINTA
After King John of Potugal rejects Comumbus's ideas, Columbus turns to _____. Spainnnn!!!
Columbus sailed the ocean blue in ____!!! 1492
Columbus can't find China/Asia but he thought he was close when he was really in ____!! CUBA
Who tried to enter Santa Domingo to escape a hurricane??? COLUMBUS!!!
Columbus left behind ___ men in one of the colonies. 39
Created by: SS-7-2