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Chapter 2

What is Congress often referred to as? "People's Branch"
How many members of the House of Representatives are there? 435
What is the average size of a congressional district? 600,000 people
What type of legislature is congress? bicameral
How was representation in Congress decided? The Great Compromise
How many votes does Congress need to override a Presidential veto? two thirds majority in both houses
How many members did the House consist of originally? 65
What are the three Constitutionally created positions in Congress? Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, President Pro Tempore of the Senate
How many times since 1865 have neither the Republicans nor Democrats been in control of both houses? 1
What are the meetings called where each party meets to plan strategy? caucuses
Which Article outlines the requirements to be President? Article 2
Which amendment limits the President to two terms? 22
What is the maximum number of years someone can be President? 10
How many congresses have been characterized by divided-party government? 30
How large is the staff of the Executive Office today? 500
How large is the Cabinet today? 14
When does the President have the opportunity to set legislative priorities? in the inauguration address and the state of the union address
How many days does the President have to fight before needing Congress to declare war? 60 days
What are the 4 main powers granted to Congress? making laws, imposing taxes, borrowing money, declaring war
Where in the Constitution does it state that Congress has the legislative powers? Article 1
What do we call the power to "pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States"? Power of the Purse
How much support for treaties is needed by the Senate? two thirds of the Senate
What is the name of one of the oldest treaties still in effect today? the Jay Treaty
Define Delegate. a representative who cast votes that are consistent with the desires of the majority of the constituents he or she represents
Define Trustee. a representative who votes for what he or she thinks is best
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