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sat voc week

week one sat voc

completely honest, strightforward candid Candace's candidness overwhelmed her business colleagues, who were not used to such honesty.
inference; guesswork conjecture At this point, kimaya's hypothesis about single cell biorhythms is still conjecture;She doesn't have conclusive evidence.
instructive didactic The tapes were entertaining and didactic; they both amused and instructed the children.
showing excessive emotion; overflowing effusive Accepting his Oscar for Best Supporting Sound Editor, Ben delivered the most effusive speech in the Academy Awards history; he cried he hugged people , he blew kisses to the audience, and then he cried some more.
a mild, indirect, or vague term substituting for a harsh, blunt, or offensive term euphemism YOO fuh miz um "to pass away " is a common euphemism for dying.
to infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information extrapolate ek STRAP uh layt seeing the wrecked bike and his daughter's skinned knees, Heath extrapolated that she had been in a bike accident
lacking cohesion or connection incoherent on ko HEAR unt Maury's sentences were so incoherent that nobody understood a word
to imply or communicate stealthily insinuate in SIN yoo ayt Sean insiuated that Grace stole the arsenic, but he never came out and said it.
very talkative loquacious low KWAY shus I'm not eloquent, so I'll just come out and say it: Bobby is loquacious and will talk, and talk, and talk.
easily understood; clear lucid LOO sid Our teacher provides lucid explanations of even the most difficult concepts so that we can all understand them.
the art of using language effectively and persuasive rhetoric RET uh rik Since they are expected to make speeches, most politicians and lawyers are well versed in the art of rhetoric.
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