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medical terminology

f o b foot of bed
C H F congestive heart failure
R A C E Remove resident from danger Activate 911 Contain fire if possible Extinguish if possible
Transmission-based or isolation precautions are... used in addition to standard precautions
When transferring to a wheel chair on which side should the w/c be place? The stronger side
what is longrolling? moving a resident asa unit w/out disturbing alignment.
Blood borne disease can be transmitted by? infected blood entering your blood.
standard precautions should be practiced... on every single person
How long should you wash your hands? 15 seconds
what are standard precautions? wearing gloves if a possibility of comming into contact w/: blood, body fluids, mucous membranes, brokien skin
fluid balance equal input & out put
C A D Coronary Artery Disease - lowers supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart and can lead to heart attack or stroke
R O M range of motions
A E D automated external defibrillator
when using a cane... place it on the stronger side.
T P R temp., pulse, respiraton
Medicare PT - A Hosp., skilled nursing, home health,hospice PT B - Dr svs, other medical & equipment PT C - private health ins. company to provide medicare benefits PT - D medications prescribed for treament only if deemed med. necessary
Medicaid low income & special circumstances
P A S S Pull pin aim at base of fire squeze handles sweep back and forth at base of fire
ROM - range of motion ... may prevent - contractures and strengthen muscles
Atrophy... occurs when the muscle weakens, decreases in size and wates away ( contracture)
BID b.i.d. two times a day bi= 2x day
Palliative Care focusing on - pain relief, comfort, dignity
c with line over it with
N P O nothing by mouth
for adults the normal puse is.... 60 - 100 beats per min.
mormal temp for oral method is.. 97.6 - 99.6
w/c wheel chair
H T N hypertension
Hyper above normal, too fast, rapid
Hypo low, less than normal
ml milliter ml- 1 cc
amb ambulate, ambulatory (walking)
The normal respiration rate for adults ranges from... 12 - 20 breaths per min
blood pressure measurements are recorded as... fractions
C P R cardio plumonary resuscitation
C V A cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
Gait... manner of walking
Pron position lying on stomach
Supine position lying on back
Lateral postion lying on side
the seconc measure of blood pressure reflects the phase when the heart relaxes is called... Diastolic (botom)
this phase of blood pressure , the heart is at work contracting/pushing blood from left ventricle to the heart. Systolic (top)
Clean catch urine exludes first & last urine from the sample
Cognition to think clearly
Stoma artificial opening
Dysphagia inability to swallow
Four site to measuring body temp.., oral Axillary Anal tymplanic (ear)
hob head of bead
per os, PO by mouth
q2h every 2 hours
R F restrict fluids
s with line over top with out
SOB shortness of breath
spec. specimen
T.I.D. / TID three times a day
T P R Temp, pulse, respiration
UTI urinary tract infection
VS vs Vital Signs
Wt. weight
NWB non- weight bearing
NKA no known allergies
OOB out of bed
WB weight bearing
brachial pulse pulse inside elbow (1 to 1 1/2 in. above elbow
Contracture permeanet & often painful stiffening of a joint and muscle
HBV Hepatitis B Virus
h, hr, hr. hour
Dx dx diagnosis
DNR do not reuscitate
DAT diat as tolerated
c/o complains of
cath. catheter
C centigrade
BRP bathroom privileges
as tol as tolerated
ax. axillary - armpit
BM bowel movement
BP b/p blood pressure
BPM beats per minute
per os, PO by mouth
PRN when necessary
p with line over top after
t.i.d. TID 3 times day
a with line over it before
q with line over it every
isol isolated
F fahrenheit or female
FF force fluids
H2O water
I & O intake and out put
inc incontinent
IV, I.V. intravenous (with in a vein)
lab laboratory
lb. pound
LTC long term care
meds medications
mmHg millimeter of mercury
MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
N/A not applicable
O2 oxygen
OBRA Omnibus budget Reconciliaton Act
oz ounce
peri care perineal care (genital)
q3h every 3 hours
q4h every four hours
R respirations, rectal
rehab rehabilitaion
RF restrict fluids
stat immediately
std. prec. standard precautions
T. , temp temperature
TB tuberculosis, TID three times a day
Created by: adray1
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