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Test # 6

Female Reproductive System

Bone in the penis Baculum
sex-mating scents Pheromones
pads of subcutaneous fat in front of the pubic bone above the vagina that helps cushion the bone during sexual intercourse. Mons Pubis
Two large, longitudinal skin folds that correspond to the male scrotum sac. Labia Major
sole purpose of bring sexual arousal, pleasure, and orgasm. Clitoris
Paired set of small glands within the vaginal entrance walls (one one each side) that secrete lubricating fluid during sexual excitement and/or intercourse Bartholin's Gland
skin between the vagina and anus, important during child birth Perineum
scissor-cut the area for easier childbirth Episiotomy
produce and secrete milk lactation
12-20 tube leading eventually to the nipple Mammary Glands
mammary gland ducts coverage behind the nipple a "milk reservoir" Ampulla
breast nipples are surrounded by a dark-tinted formation Areola
Breast rest atop the pectoralis major chest muscle(s) & are supported by "cables" called Cooper's Ligament
a hormone at birth Prolactin
permits milk ejection from nipples Oxytocin
yellowish "super milk shake" Colostrum
outside piece of thin membrane that stretches across and covers the vaginal opening. Vagina Hymen
3-4" long elastic, muscular tunnel-tube-passageway extending from the external labia-opening to the internal uterus; Vagina
friendly bacteria Lactobacillus
highly elastic, muscular 1-2" "neck-like passageway that connects the vagina to the uterus, and is the entrance into the uterus Cervix
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